Which Jesus, Please? 2

Are You Really Sure You Are Not Worshipping A Demon?

THE main area of failure of the church in the last forty or so years is the damnable ignorance the average person coming to the church is left with on the identity of the various Jesuses in the religious world.

No area of Christian religious education confirms how much the church has been taken over by the Devil than the lack of the basic knowledge of Who the Lord Jesus Christ really was.


How many of you can describe with any degree of certainty the Jesus of the Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Jesus of David Oyedepo? How many people realize that the Jesus of the Celestial Church or of the Aladura Church is almost indistinguishable from the Jesus of Pastor Enoch Adeboye? How many people see that the Jesus of Benny Hinn bears uncanny resemblance to the Jesus of the MORMONS and the ROSICRUCIANS?

How many people are aware that when a Muslim mentions prophet Isa, it is not the Jesus of the Bible he is talking about? How many people suspect that the Jesus of the Roman Catholic church is not the Jesus of the Bible?

I cannot overemphasize the importance of the need for each person to spend time on this little introduction to the various Jesuses of the religious world.

There  is nothing graver than that a man discovers after his death he had been duped into following a fake Jesus all his life! Matthew 7:22-23 and Matthew 24:11 warn whoever has ears on this.

This is not a matter of your mind: more likely than not you are already deceived, Jeremiah 17:9; it is a matter of what God said about Himself in the Bible.

You must compare and contrast God’s words with the teachings in Word of Faith, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormon, Christian Science, Catholic and Pentecostal churches.

Is it not extremely baffling that more than 90% of people calling themselves Christians are following a fake Jesus unknown to the Bible?

According to Paul in Gal 1:7-10, these people are having another spirit, holding a fake gospel.

More than 95% of humanity has been deceived into substituting a demon for the true Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, the Saviour, the God-Man, by popular Word of Faith, Roman Catholic and Orthodox priests, Prosperity preachers and tens of thousands of unregenerated Baptist and ECWA pastors. The Lord Jesus Christ’s statement in Luke 18:8 is true. True, biblical Christianity is scarcer than gold.

If your Jesus bears any resemblance to the Jesus of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, TBN, The Dove TV, The Dunamis TV, The Emmanuel TV, The 700 Club, The Day Star TV, The Lumen Christi TV or The Faith TV, you have been introduced to a fake Jesus.

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