Only the Truth Helps

The True Gospel

I have written a few things on a few preachers of our time. Those seemingly hard writings were for the fact that the preachers make themselves willing tools of the Devil in diverting the focus of the people from the true gospel. It is always important we put things in clear order: we must prioritize the essence of things before us so we might not be carried away by the glitter of material things. The world, including us, has a Maker.

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He is also the Judge and the only One who can save us from our sins. If He was good enough to make the world, He is good enough to solve our problems. But we must listen to HIM.

The only thing that helps, at the end of the day, is the true gospel.

God has been very kind to us by making His mercy available to everyone. He is making Himself clear to you again in these sermons.

Prosperity Gospel Mansion
Prosperity Gospel Mansion

So many complicated theories are spun everyday throughout the world mainly to divert men’s attention from the truth of the terrible consequences of our sins and the absolute necessity of the death, resurrection and salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ in rescuing us from sin and judgment. Many of these erroneous religious theories are followed by very many powerful and influential people, social and religious bodies and new-age Christian movements.

These theories, no matter how ‘reasonable’ they appear to you, are actually engineered by the Devil. There is only one God and His way of getting us right with Himself is also only one.

You must make a definite move after you finish listening to these messages.

You must, in definite solemnity, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and come change your mind and take over your thought. It is not safe to stop such prayer until you receive a definite confirmation in your spirit that God has heard your prayer.

The True Gospel

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