Flee Apostasy And Antichrist

Flee False Religion

Flee the Doctrines of Devils in Winners Chapel, Christ Embassy, Synagogue, TREM, MFM and the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Flee apostasy

These ‘churches’ if they can ever be called by such names, were started and run very contrary to the plain teachings in the Bible. For all the show, singing and dancing they put on, they have no relationship whatsoever with the Lord Jesus Christ. You only need to prayerfully pay a little attention to the words coming out of the mouths of the founders and leaders of these evil business organizations to realize they have nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ. They mention God, but you need to find out which god they are talking about. They are churches of apostasy

At times they say their ‘ministries’ are patterned after Elijah or Elisha. Most people do not realize that is a code for witchcraft, since God is no longer sending any Elijah or Elisha after the death and resurrection of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Flee concealed Hinduism.

Flee Evil

Run from the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), the Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) and their sister churches and fellowships.

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Get away from the Catholic Church. Flee Open Idolatry and Satan worship.

Flee wherever anyone is  speaking in ‘tongues‘ that are not languages as you have in Acts 2:8-11.  Flee wherever people are ‘slain in the spirit‘ and they lose consciousness, no matter how momentary! 

It is not harmless!

They are trafficking with demons.

What you watch in those ‘churches’ in people speaking in ‘tongues’ or getting ‘slain in the spirit’ are demons, yes, demons, evil beings, putting up theatrical shows for your entertainment so you might be mesmerized and destroyed.  

The shows are ONLY for your ruin.

The human beings involved in these shows are used simply as agents. They are deceived that the spirit they have is the Holy Spirit.  It is not!

Flee anywhere Word of Faith, Dominionism,  Prosperity Doctrines and Idolatry are the order of the day. Flee veiled occultism.

The Lord is coming soon.