Is There An Allah, Anywhere?

A Quick Comparison Of God As Presented In The Bible And The god Of The Quran

This article is primarily for anyone, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, anyone who is interested in knowing the truth on the founding of the Islamic faith. It is for everyone who wants to be clear on whether God, the God of heaven, the Being that created the universe, has anything to do with the religion of Islam.

The main teacher we shall be featuring in this article ticks most of the boxes:

(1)  he writes and speaks Arabic. This is not a small issue. Our teacher proves that almost all the non-Arabic speaking Muslims have and are being deceived as to the actual contents of the Quran and the Hadiths. The teacher shows there are marked differences  between these documents in the Arabic language and the watered down versions all other language speakers are taught.

(2)  he is a living expert in the history and contents of the Quran and the Hadiths. We encourage our readers, particularly Muslims who are looking for clarifications on the contents of their ‘holy’ books, to get in touch with him.We need to examine the nature of a being that would give ‘divine revelations and scriptures’ commanding the divorce of a son’s wife ( whether adopted or not) and her remarriage to her father-in-law. The God of the Bible forbids coveting anyone’s else wife. Is God the same being that supported covetousness in Mohammad?

Does the true God teach anyone to lie? Islam says yes. Allah instructs his followers to lie and deceive as occasion demands. The God of the Bible makes lying one of the sins that would send men to hell. Is Allah the same as God?

We need to examine the person behind the scriptures of Islam that commands extermination of peoples, whether Jews, Christians, Sabeans, poets, anyone, that would not accept that God spoke to Muhammad;

We need to check whether we can find any resemblance between the Quran and the Hadiths with the Christian Bible which it purports to build on.

At some points the Quran professes to be built on the teachings and faith of the ancestors of the Jews, at other points the same Quran makes it its principal goal the extermination of the same Jewish people, whether or not they have personally or individually offended Muhammad or his followers in the past. Which god is so intensely invested in the genocide of a people as this?

“It was narrated from Abu Umamah that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

‘There is no one whom Allah will admit to Paradise but Allah will marry him to seventy-two wives, two houris and seventy from his inheritance from the people of Hell, all of whom will have desirable front passages and he will have a male member that never becomes flaccid (ie soft and limp).'”

Does that sound like anything the Holy God of the Bible would ever say? Has He ever given anything of this lurid kind, ever, in the more than 2, 000 years He had been revealing Himself to the children of Israel? Where in the Bible the Quran purports to have been built upon, can anyone find the promise of unending male sexual gratification as the ultimate hope of Paradise to the people who follow God? Does it not become clear to the reader that whoever gives this sort of thing as divine revelation is blaspheming God?

Muhammad confessed that Jibril was the angel dedicated to the destruction of the Jews. On the basis of what did Muhammad come to the conclusion it was the same angel that announced the conception and birth of Christ in the Bible? Which Jibril is this?

Jesus, Whom the Quran  purports to honour  with the title of a prophet,  said in John 4:22  “Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews”. If salvation is of the Jews, when did it become the plan of God to exterminate the same Jews?

To Mohammed’s god, the honour and pride of Muslims and their avoidance of urine and farts are more important than that Muslims stay away from fornication, adultery, theft, lying, murder, swearing and idolatry. Is it the same God of the Bible that destroyed the whole world because of their sins against Him, the same being speaking through Muhammad in the Quran?

Is Allah God or Muhammad’s alter-ego?

This is one of the most important issues more than a quarter of humanity must consider.

Are you sure Allah is, indeed, the God of the universe?

Since the Quran claims to be based on the Torah and the Injil, the Bible of Jews and Christians, when did God change so much that what He abhorred in the Bible he now approved in the Quran that came more than 700 years after the close of the Bible? How does the Quran explain God’s curse on anyone who would purport to add to, or remove from, the words of the Bible which the Bible declares to be complete and final? Revelation 22:18-19

How does a Muslim escape eternal punishment in hell for his sins since he is told to reject the only Saviour God sent to man, God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ?

Is it not clear the Quran is the work of a spirit that is bent on deceiving people on the only right way to God?

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