Poju Oyemade, Sophistry And WAFBEC 2017

The Witches’ Coven

The material for this article came to hand a few days ago. My first take on it was to discount it: Poju Oyemade is not in the big league of the marketers of evil in Nigeria: don’t waste your time on small fries like him, I advised myself. But it appears the Lord cares for one and every soul that can be rescued from Satanism and evil. Someone, somewhere, planning to attend this occult conclave – because so it really is – may read this piece and his eyes opened to the fact it is NOT the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible they are going to preach there and reject the invitation.

First, The Anointing

Please listen to him carefully. Do not allow yourself to be bamboozled by his polished English. Listen to the verbs, nouns and adjectives he uses. Words are supposed to mean something defensible.

Can you count how many times you heard that word in this 6-minute promo? Possibly above 20. So, anointing, going by Mr Oyemade’s definition and given the meaning and the importance he is giving it in his short talk, must be one of the most prominent things of the new testament or the Bible. He even stated that the people of  Israel in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ did not benefit because “Jesus was not sent to them or they did not have the anointing to benefit from his ministry”. This anointing thing must be very important then.

If you have a Bible in a computer or on your handset, please search for the words, “anoint, anointing or anointed” in the New Testament. You must be shocked that there is no single place in the New Testament where any of these three words was used with the meaning or connotation  Mr Oyemade is giving them in his commercial promo. He is selling a commodity the New Testament does not recognize.

You must also be surprised at his reason why the hearers of Jesus Christ were not blessed.  It apparently had nothing to do with sin, hardness of heart or unbelief!

And did you notice that the ministers’ anointing, not independent actions from a sovereign God, is the source of the blessings you expect to have in the program? Yeah, the anointed minister, not God, distributes the blessings! You see why you must pray seriously, and possibly fast, too, for the minister to, “speak to your issue”? He carries virtue in his person and his words go with power! All of this, mind you, is for your material, physical and financial blessings: God has no mind or demands of His own on you or anyone else!

Since Mr Oyemade does not know the elementary reason, according to the Bible in Isaiah 59:1-2 and Matthew 6:33, why people are or are not blessed by God, you must begin to fear what he is selling. Sin and man’s distance from God, Mr Oyemade, the Bible says, is the only hindrance to God’s blessings, not ‘anointing’ and it is not dependent on any third-party ‘super Christian’ or ‘anointed minister’! Contribution from a minister, as important as Mr Oyemade and his ilks would like to make it, is actually quite minute, when compared with the actions of a man and his God. There is only One Mediator between men and God, the Man, Christ Jesus. 1 Ti 2:5.

You must not fail to realize all Mr Oyemade spoke about is on you being blessed. That fits in perfectly with the doctrines of the Hindu faith he promotes. Since we have written so much on the errors of these Hindu teachings masquerading as Christianity in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles, readers are advised to call up some of the previous posts on this topic. Something is horribly wrong and you must be seriously worried with a religion that makes you, not God and His will, the centerpiece of its focus and activities. If you have any problem seeing what Mr Oyemade preaches as evil, you are in serious danger: it means you do not know the meaning of the word, idolatry. It means you believe in the theology that you were created, and you exist, for you.

Mr Oyemade’s Men Of God

Did you note Mr Oyemade’s men of God? Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar and the likes! We have more than enough blasphemous recordings from everyone of these preachers on this site to warrant a repetition here.

Quick Declaration

According to Mr Oyemade, the following is the mantra you are supposed to start chanting from now on:

“At WAFBEC 2017 the power of God was released towards me and … LIST WHAT YOU WANT THE POWER OF GOD TO TOUCH….. happened in my life. For this Lord I give thanks and praise. Say this throughout the day under your breath. Whenever you think of WAFBEC, say it”.

Did you read that Quick Declaration? Did you notice breath prayer there? The kind that strong Islamic, HINDUS, BUDDHIST devotees and occult people chant ceaselessly? That is one of the things Mr Oyemade says you must start to practice. What of the Lord Jesus Christ’s warnings against vain, repetitive prayers like heathen in Matthew 6:7  ”But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking”?

The Seeds Of The Evil

Mr Oyemade is correct, sadly, in one important aspect in his write-up: the seeds of the evil passing itself off as Christianity we have today in Nigeria were planted by the Hagins in the 1980s. Where Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland are church planters, you can only imagine what God’s anger feels like in such a place. If you are a Christian  –  by which I mean a Bible-believing person –  pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy on the people of Nigeria and destroy the tree from its roots.

Warn anyone you know to steer clear of Poju Oyemade and his gang of Hindu missionaries. They have nothing with the Jesus of the Bible.