The Necessity Of Being Born Again

John Wagner

We have had to write a few articles on what true Christianity is not.

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Must Be Born Again
You Must Be Born Again

A conscientious reader of this site who had not had good rapport with Christianity may then wonder what true Christianity really is. Rev John Wagner answered this question very clearly in this little piece.  I advise everyone that comes to this site to take the time out and listen to Wagner.

We all need to be very careful what we think true Christianity really is. Nicodemus, in spite of his years of study of the Bible and his exalted state in Israel on issues religious and social did not know it. If you need any sign you too may not really know it, look again at the position of Nicodemus.  If Nicodemus, one of the 70 in all Israel sitting in the Sanhedrin could miss it, your four or six or ten years in a pastor’s school is no guarantee you wouldn’t. In fact the possibility you have been taught the wrong thing about God and how to get to Him is impossibly high: in fact Jesus said ‘few find’ the Way.

If you continue to read the articles on this site, it is a sign God wants you to find Him, if you do not know Him yet. If you already know Him, it is a confirmation He wants you to know Him much more intimately.

Feel free to distribute the contents of this website: they are too valuable than we could charge any money for them.

You Must Be Born Again.It’s either this or death: no one has a choice!