Shall We Check Up What Islam Teaches A Little?

What Spirit, Really, Is The Source Of This Faith?


To learn more of Islam, you can click HERE if you do not speak Arabic, and HERE if you are an Arabic speaker or you really want to know much more of Islam.

We are publishing these materials on Islam for the sole purpose of bringing the teachings and the underlying beliefs of the faith to the attention of readers. The materials will be of benefit to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Almost as much as non-Muslims, most Muslims are ignorant of what their religion teaches.


Many ignorant nominal Christians also make the mistake of taking Islam as their ‘brother religion’. Some go to the blasphemous extent of mouthing, “We all worship the same God”!


It is important everyone sees the rampant hold of demons and evil spirits in the beliefs and teachings of the faith spread by murder, deceit, rape and the sword.


As we stated in an earlier publication on Islam, the aim is not to malign anyone: the objective is to look at the facts so we may know the truth.


Someone once said the prophet of Islam is the one ‘prophet’ the followers must never hope to be like. Otherwise the world will be filled with murderers, sex perverts, armed robbers, brigands, racists and bigots. In fact the average Muslim is, by far, much more morally upright than his prophet!


Allah is less concerned with your adultery, fornication, theft,  idolatry, murder or calling his name in vain. His main grouse, according to the prophet of Islam, is the bead of pee that dropped on your foot when you go to the bathroom!  And you must only use an odd number of stones  – or sheets of tissue paper  –  when you are there, and make sure you only enter the place with your left foot first! On these, there is nothing you can do to procure Allah’s forgiveness if you offend him!


And where does Satan stay at night?  In our prophet’s followers’ nostrils of course!


You can ogle after your adopted son’s wife and procure ‘divine’ pronouncements to enable her divorce her husband so she might move in with you. That, to Allah, is a small perquisite that goes with the office of prophet!


How should we regard  the Quran? Click here for a quick preview

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Kaaba Housing Black Meteor Stone: Not Idolatry?
Kaaba Housing Black Meteor Stone: Not Idolatry?

Inside The Kaaba





Example Of Black Meteor Inside The Kaaba
Example Of Black Meteor Inside The Kaaba






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