The Great Apostasy

The Great Deception

I recommend the attached youtube video on the great apostasy for the education of the readers of this site.

The only truth that sets people free is the one that is fully and truly connected to the historical Jesus of the historical Bible the Apostles used. The devil has always produced thousands, no, millions of other Jesuses: this video is not one anyone can lightly pass over.

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You need to be sure your pastor is not part of this great and huge deception that has been going on in Pentecostal and Evangelical Christianity for the last one hundred or so years and in the Roman Catholic church for almost 1,800 years. Both of them are from the same counterfeit ‘Jesus’. This ‘Jesus’ is all about dazzle, material wealth and physical prowess. This Jesus will do anything to make sure you do not open the Bible.

Watch this video.

Apostasy: doctrines of demons

The ‘Jesus’ on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, The Inspiration Channel, The DayStar Television is NOT the Jesus of the Bible!

The Bible in many of the books of the New Testament foretold of a great apostasy that would overrun the church and the whole world at the end of the Age. The Lord’s teachings in Matthew 24:11 and Matthew 24:24