The Winners Chapel And Heretic Doctrines

The Specious Teachings Of The Winners Chapel


Please open this embedded JPG file on Winners Chapel Heretic Doctrines. The ensuing discussion is based on it:

David Oyedepo: What Is The Source Of These Teachings Or Is He Bigger Than The Bible?
David Oyedepo: What Is The Source Of These Teachings Or Is He Bigger Than The Bible?

Because the main aim of this site is to honour the Lord Jesus Christ by striving to make Him known in His true light, we shall beam our searchlight on all avenues of error  and deception in all places that tag themselves Christian while teaching something else.

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Errors are errors: they all result in death to whoever is deceived by them. We have a lot to do to help our people extricate themselves from the millions of landmines planted by the devil in the form of Dominion and Prosperity doctrines. The main issue in all religion is whether a pastor or priest is connected to the Jesus of the Bible.

The attached copy of the 25th September 2016 Weekly Publication of the Durumi, Abuja, Nigeria chapter of the Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel came to hand in the course of a visit to a client’s. I have tried my best to wish it away as one of those things but, then, what of these thousands that are deceived by teachings that look very attractive and convincing but are definitely false? By the way, attractive and convincing but definitely false is the meaning of the word specious.

The first set of errors jumps at you immediately you start reading the sheet. The reference to 1 Peter 2:9 is very disingenuous. Pastor Oyedele promptly connected Peter’s admonition about the peculiarity of the Christian’s life to what he called, “the glorious destiny which no devil can stop”. The reader immediately thinks the connected words, “peculiar” and “glorious destiny” have anything to do with the life here and now.

All Peter wrote about is on Christians being peculiar in the sense of living above sin and evil, nothing about any form of opulence or worldly dominion. It must be strange to Peter if he is told that his writing is being used to justify Prosperity teaching and domination of other people on earth. What? These were people who lived in a time when to be openly identified with Christ was nothing but suicide! I hope Pastor Oyedele can reconcile the idea of being boiled in hot oil or being crucified on stakes with the “glorious destiny” he is selling to his audience.

To confirm what Pastor Oyedele is really talking about, he ended the second paragraph with, “You are ordained to do uncommon things. You are ordained to live as a king and priest on earth;” quoting Revelation 5:10 to buttress his view!

We need to affirm fairly quickly that Pastor Oyedele is very much in line with the teachings of his church: the Winners Chapel, like all Word of Faith and Prosperity preaching fellowships and churches, spouts errors and heretic teachings no sane person can justify with the Bible.

The problem is the Revelation 5:10 which was quoted to support what was being said: he should have quoted the appropriate Hindu and Buddhist texts.

Revelation 5:10 surely spoke about people living as kings and priests on the earth. So how can that be false since Pastor Moses Oyedele is talking about the kingship of believers with reference to this verse? The reference to Revelation 5:10 is apparently appropriate until you read verses 1 to 9 of Revelation 5 and 11 to 14 of the same chapter and you realize the passage is speaking only and exclusively about RESURRECTED SAINTS who will come down to earth with the Saviour at the end of this age! Whao! To support his teachings that Christians are now kings on earth, Pastor Oyedele, true to basic Word-of-Faith and Prosperity heresy teachings, is now equating his church audience with resurrected saints!

Please listen, my dear reader: do not underestimate the importance of what I am saying here: quoting words, phrases and passages from the Bible out of context in order to support any doctrine is known as changing God’s words. God in Revelation 22:18-19 says He reserves special parts of hell for all that do that.

An example of the evil of a Non-Christian not only starting but leading a church can be seen from the teachings of his boss, Bishop David Oyedepo in his book Anointing For Exploits reviewed on this site.

Communion Wine As Occult Article, Another Set Of Winners Chapel Heretic Doctrines


On the page 3 of the bulletin on “Infallible Proofs” you have a “testimony” by one Sese Tarry that sounds more of an occult practice than anything you are supposed to hear from a Church of Christ. Did he just say he rubbed a drop of communion wine on his own stomach to ensure safe child delivery for his sister miles away? Only the Roman Catholic Church and other open cults teach something like this.

 Infallible Proofs?

The phrase, “infallible proofs” was used only once in the Bible (Acts 1:13): to authenticate the Messiahship of the Lord Jesus Christ after His resurrection from the dead. It is sad people who are in occultism and Hinduism are drawing up the same picture to say their ministry is supported by God even when all their teachings are against the peculiar majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ.

David Oyedepo And The Spirit Of Rebellion

“Enough is enough!

Hear me now or forget it, Jesus!

I know you’ve got it in your hands; you’re not going to prepare for it : already paid for.

Give it to me today or never!….

And let me tell you how I got healed of tuberculosis: I got up in the night and I saw that all the students have removed their beds from me. So I was like a leper. And I had consumed Matthew, Luke, Mark and John.

I came out of the hostel room and I stood on a rock behind the hostel; and I said: Jesus, if it is true that you did all that is recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, heal me now , or…..(I did) as if I would slap him(Jesus)!

He (Jesus) said: “Ma binu” (Please, don’t be angry with me!). 

He (Jesus) rooted it (tuberculosis) out the same day!”

Sermon: David Oyedepo, How To Command Your Healing And Deliverance 2015, 7th minute 


I may have to make reference to the late Dave Hunt’s logic again: it is not necessary that all of a good rat poison be poison: 0.005% is enough! In the case of Pastor Oyedele – and much of the Winners Chapel – the percentage of the poison is in excess of 80. You should not be deceived by the remaining 10% that is good. A little leaven, the Bible would say, leavens the whole lump.  God’s spiritual truths remain true only where they are 100% undiluted.

I am not going to draw attention to all the errors and poisons on the Winners Chapel Durumi Branch September 2016 bulletin or the teachings of the Winners Chapel in this short piece. All I can say here is doctrines matter. God is under no obligation to honour teachings that do not originate from Him and He warned in Matthew chapter 7 of many people who will discover too late at their death that they have been deceived all their lives.

“Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Mat 7:22-23

The leaders of the Winners Chapel, as are leaders of other ‘churches’ and ‘ministries’ preaching Word of Faith, Dominionism, NAR and Prosperity and other heretic doctrines, are prospering handsomely at the cost of the souls of their followers, teaching nothing but errors neatly packaged inside a smattering of truths.

No wise person would want to find out at death that he has been deceived all along.