Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Word of Faith, Prosperity Preaching And The Occult: The Deception of Biblical Proportions

Pastor Adeboye, Members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and members of other Word of Faith and prosperity churches believe it would have been better if we never had the Bible. They long for the quiet and peace their conscience would have been in since we would not have had any standard we could use to judge the beliefs and teachings of their ‘spiritual leaders’. (This, sadly, is for the very small minority that yet have some flicker from their conscience . For the vast majority, the conscience had NEVER been awaken before: they had never known the Lord and were never familiar with His ways and the actual teachings of the Bible).

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To this people, the world would be a more peaceful place as we would have had nothing to assess what their preachers teach: if today they see a vision that we should all contribute 30% of our income if we wanted healing, financial blessings or long life, we would not have had any choice but to comply. If they say the evidence of our Christianity is that we all learn, or are gifted, with languages witches use in their covens, that would have been our fates.  If their ‘spiritual father’ says he only is the one that God speaks with and that curses on anyone from his mouth would require a minimum of forty days and forty nights of fasting before they can be revoked, we wouldn’t have had any choice.

In spite of all the exertions and efforts of “Pastor” Enoch Adeboye – and other Pentecostal, Word of Faith and prosperity preachers – to the contrary, the Bible HAS been written. To make matters worse for him and those who follow him, the good Book forbids all and every attempt to add to or remove from the settled word of God, Rev 22:18-20: it also defines who a Christian is or is not.

The Founder of the Christian faith, the Lord Jesus Christ, says there is no ‘spiritual father’ or master among His followers apart from Himself: all are brethren, the young and the old –  sinners similarly forgiven on account of God’s  mercy and Christ’s sacrifice, Matthew 23:8-10.

But this has not deterred our revered “pastor” from declaring, ex-cathedral, new ‘revelations’, ‘prophecies’ and ‘words of knowledge’ confirming his special, higher, status before God. All in a bid to cause men to forget the Bible and Christ, Dr Adeboye pronounces  daily ‘revelations’ and ‘special prophecies’ you cannot find types of from ANY of the Apostles of Christ or even prophets of the Old Testament. But his followers couldn’t care less! Their ‘spiritual father’ has special access to God!

What do you think people go to the Redeemed programmes for? To meet God? To have encounter with the Author of the Bible, the God Who holds their breaths in His hands? Of course, not.

<figure>Deluded People Encouraged To Worship “Pastor” Adeboye’s Chair!</figure>

They want to have signs and wonders the wonderman promises everyone who comes even though Christ clearly warned people not to seek Him for miracles, Matthew 12:39. Do they care if what he preaches can not be supported by the Bible? Not a hoot. They know they are not going to hear any of the main doctrines of the strait and narrow Way. And since they wouldn’t want any of such things, our doctor of mathematics has prepared for them soothing words to tickle their ears.

Pastor Adeboye And Clairvoyance: A Soothsayer On The Loose

“My daddy told me someone here will smile in the next twelve months!…my daddy said someone will smile in the next twelve months!”“My daddy said there will be weddings in the first two quarters of the new year…yes…yes…yes…there will be weddings in the first two quarters of the new year!”“Daddy said there will be unusual favours to someone here in the next twelve months…unusual favours in the next twelve months!”

Our people have been so thoroughly deceived they can not even spot the obvious differences between occult fortunetelling and shamanism from Bible prophecies.

Your Duty Before God

It is the duty of all men before God to examine what beliefs or faith they hold in their hands concerning God and their relationship, if any, with Him. The good Book, in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 asks us to “Prove all things;” so we may “hold fast that which is good.” John asks Christians to try  all spirits, since, even as early as that time, the spirit of the antichrist was already in the church, 1 John 4:1-2. In case you feel this is all much ado about nothing, or worse, crying wolf where none exists, you only need to go through the materials presented here with some element of an open mind.

Dr Adeboye’s teachings are such that we must examine the source, the message and the spirit behind his sermons and beliefs. This detailed examination must be done by each person: you cannot ask your spouse, friend or  relative to do it for you: each of us will face God in our individual capacity at death.

We have no doubt his teachings, like the teachings of everyone who espouses occult Word of faith doctrines, have nothing to do with the Bible.

No one can safely wish the truths in this write-up away, no matter how uncomfortable they  be.  True Christianity does not have any provision for the all-knowing guru who alone receives commands and instructions from on high that the rest must abide by.  There is only One Mediator between men and God, the Man, Jesus Christ, (1 Timothy 2:5) and the Bible is complete, full and absolutely relevant to true godliness until Christ comes.

Pervasive Deception

The Lord Jesus Christ says very emphatically that the main distinguishing feature of the last days will be spiritual deception, the type the world would never have seen before, (Matthew 7:21-23, Matthew 24:4-5, Matthew 24:11, Matthew 24:23-25). It is the firm view of this writer, judging by the teachings and sermons coming from Dr Enoch Adeboye and other Pentecostal, Word of Faith and Prosperity preachers, that the last days might very well have been on us without our realizing it!

<figure>This Time “Pastor” Adeboye Says It Is The Comb!</figure>

The Bible Is It

Every reader, for his own sake, must solemnly , painstakingly and prayerfully consider the materials affixed to this post in the light of the clear writings in the Bible. The issue in hand is not mathematics: no one needs fear checking what our ‘pastor” – and other word of faith and prosperity preachers – teaches with what God wrote in the Bible.

The Bible was not sent by God to be interpreted by any guru before the man in the street can understand God. Studies show the King James Version of it can be understood by anyone with a Primary 3 education. The popular idea that you need a doctor of philosophy to make you understand what God is saying is from the Devil.

The Devil Quotes The Bible

One part of the Bible that is often quoted out of all relevance once issues such as the foregoing are raised is Matthew 7:1. Most people, not knowing they are driving themselves into the Devil’s trap shout, “Judge not”. Some totally deluded ones even cry, “Touch not mine anointed”! Such people, conveniently, ignore the warnings against entrapment in 1 Timothy 4:1-3, Matthew 7:21-23, Matthew 24:4, Matthew 24:11, and Matthew 24:24; Jude 4; 2 Peter 2:1-2 and many other passages of the Bible.

Each of us must decide who we are going to believe: the God of the Bible or “pastor” Enoch Adeboye.

In case anyone has made up his mind that facts and the truth do not matter, we have done our bit.

Dr Enoch Adeboye is NOT a Christian and has never been one, 1 John 2:19

That must be a bridge too far for most people who consider themselves Christian in Nigeria. This is so because they have not sat down, with their Bible open, to consider what Dr Adeboye preaches in his sermons and daily devotionals. Most of us, out of sheer laziness, have not checked what the Bible says about the people who preach or believe what Dr Adeboye and all Pentecostal, prosperity, Word of Faith and charismatic “pastors” teach: Gal 1:8-92 Cor 11:4, Acts 20:29-30, Jude 4.

You may wish to read, again, the contents of this attached Redeemed Christian Church of God Open Heavens devotional published on 20 September, 2017. Do you think the doctrines being taught in that devotional was sourced from the Christian Bible?

Obviously, the Bible quotations were clearly made. But that is where the connection with the Christianity of the Lord Jesus Christ ends: all that follow the Bible quotes are Hindu teachings!

There is no correlation, open or hidden, between what is written in the Bible and what is being preached in the devotional. This is the case in most of the daily devotionals published by the Redeemed Christian Church of God. People are being fed Eastern, Hindu,  mysticisms and given false hope in the name of Christ!

And, writing about correlation, can you identify the connection, any,  between the Bible passages in this November 28, 2017 Open Heavens devotional and the teachings on the need to be academically prepared for the  opportunities life might throw your way they teach in the sermons in the devotional? Anyone with elementary education can see that the Bible passages have nothing to do with the teachings that follow them.

In Dr Adeboye, and other Word of Faith and Prosperity preachers, you are coming face-to-face with that deception the Lord Jesus Christ warned so solemnly about in Matthew 7:15-23, Matthew 24:3-5, Matthew 24:11, Matthew 24:24-25; in Mark and in Luke. You are confronting the deception the Spirit of Christ said would be in the earth in Acts 20:291 Timothy 4:1-22 Timothy 3:1-8, Colossians 2:8; 2 Peter 2:1-3 and Jude 4.

You wonder why most people have never spotted the disconnections between the Bible passages and the teachings in the Open Heavens devotional and the sermons the Redeemed publishes everyday? Because they have never bothered to check, read or listened, with their Bibles open, to the words from Dr Adeboye.

A Very Small Tip Of The Iceberg…