Mind Control

Nigerian Counterfeit Christianity And The Creation Of The Robot

The Covert Strategies of the False Revival

Nothing exemplifies the phony nature of Nigerian Christianity than the strenuous extents the various ‘Christian’ churches and fellowships go to distort reality and control the mind of each of their followers. Since the ‘ministries’ are mostly built on lies, there is the need to maintain an air of constant fiction with the initiates. The ‘man of God’ is so much in control (of God!), he can do no wrong.

He is head and shoulders above everyone, the idea of regarding him as a brother or a co-struggler against attacks from the flesh, the world and the devil does not arise. He has succeeded in creating a new reality without any reference to any New Testament Bible passage: he is indeed a god and visits the Court in heaven at leisure!

The only way to maintain this façade is by making enquirers believe in lies and untruths. This is done by making sure these followers do not read the Bible. The programs of mind control can only succeed to the extent the initiates are prevented from reading God’s words. Have you noticed how biblically illiterate the average ‘Deeper Life’ or ‘Redeemed’ or ‘Synagogue’ or ‘TREM’ or ‘Winners’ or ‘Christ Embassy’ or Catholic Church member is? Their pastor regurgitates to them whatever he wants them to know and they take them in hook, line and sinker! You would think the New Testament has not been written.

We started noticing this in the followers of Mr William Kumuyi in the eighties. They not only change their dressing to reflect the preferences of Mr Kumuyi, they altered their speaking mannerism and their gait. The ladies were more into the dressing reform thing: Mr Kumuyi spent unduly long time railing against the cultural wears in Nigeria. You therefore do not see a ‘Deeper Life’ lady spotting the traditional Yoruba female dresses: that was too much an unholy thing. This was soon formulated into detailed measurements and sizes of the turban the ladies must don. Yes, turban: the same that Islamic State and Boko Haram followers wear.

And have you noticed the nuns’ uniforms now prescribed as wedding gowns for brides in the church?

‘Holiness’ in Deeper Life is not necessarily not committing sins recognized in the Bible, it includes the mode and the tailoring of the dress you wear. It includes the way you walk and the speech drawl you use. The proof of your holiness is the drawl popularized by Mr Kumuyi.

But Nigerians don’t see this as mind control and brain washing. They see it as evidence of ‘holiness’!

The members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God believe their Pastor has a lock on God and there is no need to check his teachings, sooth sayings and fortune telling, oh, sorry, ‘prophecies’ and associations with other heresy teachers with the Bible – except by his interpretation.

And for TREM, Bishop Okonkwo is more of  a Catholic Cardinal complete with powers such offices bring.

And Pastor Chris? That is altogether another thing by itself. The commands of Apostle Paul that a bishop (pastor) should be “the husband of one wife” and “one that ruleth well his own house” (1 Timothy 3:2-4) or of the Lord Jesus Christ that ‘if the case of a man with a wife be so (grave), it is not good to marry’ (Matthew 19:3-10) except you are ready to put up with it, do not apply. It is enough that you can ‘speak forth faith’ and ‘command things to manifest’!

Readers after true godliness will find the following embedded material The Covert Strategies of the False Revival of immense benefit.

Read it and share it.

Someone may be helped by God to wake up to the large-scale deception going on in Nigeria in the name of Christianity.

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