Charismatic Witchcraft

I Decree Like Paul! I command Like Matthew!!

The following are extracts from one of the books of a former word of faith, Pentecostal person, Pam Sheppard. The book is titled Charismatic Witchcraft.

May the Lord use the contents of these extracts to save readers from the dangers of idolatry and damnation.

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Ignorance And Pride

“… I have personally witnessed a spiritual snobbery among the charismatic movement that is extremely difficult to penetrate, not just among the ministers but among the members as well. I call it a charismatic witchcraft but the bible calls it strong delusion, the spirit of error and worst yet, the spirit of the anti-Christ. The spirit of the anti-Christ is the unseen force behind charismatic witchcraft and I am afraid that the only way to wipe it out is through a spiritual earthquake.

Also known as “word of faith,” It’s almost as if charismatic believers are acting under the influence of a delirium; that they are in a state of intoxication and, as a result, are incapable of telling the difference between truth and lies, or understanding the danger that they face. The root cause of this delirium is that its doctrines and practices are rooted in fostering a state of spiritual intensity of shouting, stomping, wailing, screaming in a form of intercession where “the violent take the kingdom by force.” Therefore, force is the catalyst for the intense energy that is thought to be evidence of the Holy Ghost.”

“….This tormented woman had arrived at the altar ten years ago at the invitation of Pastor Mason in his home church. Today, she tearfully admits that she has never experienced the fruit of her salvation. She confessed that as she listened to a radio broadcast a few years ago, for the first time, she realized that something was wrong with her spirituality. However she did not know what to do to make things right. I revealed to her that …, she was not saved. I remembered that Pastor Mason always assumed that everyone assembled at his meetings was saved. To the lost, it was simply “come on down to the altar and receive” without preaching about sin, the cross and repentance. Since she did not respond to the Savior through conviction for sin, I suggested to her that she probably picked up a religious demon at the altar.”

“Yet another one  came to an altar at a Charismatic church 15 years ago. Carol has been slain in the spirit countless times, yet she wakes up everyday afraid to take a shower, believing that the shadows she sees over her food is human excrement. This particular one responded to an invitation after a sermon was preached, was led to recite the sinner’s prayer, given the right hand of fellowship and declared to be saved,— once in a Catholic Charismatic Church—and then once again in a word of faith church—and then once again in a holiness Pentecostal church. Notwithstanding, she too has been tormented since the first day of her alleged salvation. In this case, Carol refuses to consider the possibility that she is not saved, even though there are countless signs that serve as evidence that her spiritual life has been unfruitful.”

The People Who Would Be Gods!

“I observed in a video clip a vivid depiction of a charismatic witchcraft prayer offered by well known evangelist and associate of charismatic mega prophetess Juanita Bynum, Rev. Cindy Trimm. Before a congregation of at least a few thousand, Trimm walked up and down the platform, supposedly praying, bellowing loudly: “I decree this and I proclaim that.” With this esoteric, occultic prayer, rather than God the Father of the trinity, she really was addressing fallen angels.”

Unregenerates Running Churches!

“Too many charismatic idolaters did not approach the Lord with a contrite heart. Nor did they come “poor in spirit.” Oh, they repeated a sinner’s prayer, yet without “feeling what a sinner must feel “to be saved”. A sinner must feel the godly sorrow of repentance. A sinner should FEEL that he is standing on the edge, about to slip off into hell, but that he has grabbed a lifeline, and that lifeline is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No one can be saved unless the preaching they responded to emphasized the wretchedness of the lost soul that can do nothing for itself except receive what the Lord has already done

Defying the scripture which states that salvation is a gift from God, to prevent human boasting, those under the influence of Charismatic witchcraft generally boast that they ““accepted Jesus.” We don’t accept Jesus. He accepts us!!!! Consider a person who is drowning declaring after he has been saved that “I accepted the lifeguard who came to save me.” When you knew that you were drowning and you knew that you wanted to live, did you really have any other choice????”

Run For Your Dear Life

Are you really sure you are not into witchcraft thinking you are serving God? If you have been in places where people were decreeing to God and you were saying, “Amen”, been ‘slain in the spirit’, mumbled ‘tongues’ you never understood or chanted “Jesus” or Hallelujah or whatever till you almost lost all senses, you need to take yourself back to God through the Lord Jesus Christ with the spirit of full repentance and renunciation. Every such decree, command or chant was made to fallen angels, not God. Decrees and commands cannot be issued by any human being to God. And God cannot be worshiped by chants.

Word of Faith, Charismatic and Pentecostal people are into idolatry.

Matthew 7:22-23 says they will be disowned by the Lord in their worst day. Run for your soul.