The Takeover Of Christianity By Unregenerated People

The Great Deception

The importance of the facts in these videos is such that we must continue to repeat them on this site. All men need to know where the ‘new’ christianity of the Pentecostal, Charismatic and ‘Full Gospel’  Movement sweeping the whole Earth and misleading billions of people on the true identity of Christ came from  and where it is going – and what really they teach. Everyone needs to understand that these people preach the same set of spiritistic beliefs as white-garment Aladuras and occult priests,  this time in well-tailored suits and flowing attires. These are unregenerated people!

They are NOT Christians!

That is not the opinion of this puny writer: the Bible, in emphatic statements, makes that very clear. 2 John 1:9, Matthew 12:39, Mark 8:12, John 8:24, Acts 4:12, John 3:18, 1 John 2:22-23, Matthew 7:22-23, John 14:6.

I recommend these embedded youtube videos to everyone who comes by this site. Listen to them as many times as you need to really grasp what they are talking about. It is the destiny of your soul that is at stake.

The only truth that sets people free is the one that is fully and truly connected to the historical Jesus and the historical Apostles of the Bible. The devil has always produced thousands, no, millions of other jesuses: these videos are not the types anyone can lightly gloss over.

You need to be sure you are not part of this great and huge deception that has been going on in Pentecostal and Evangelical Christianity for the last one hundred or so years and in the Roman Catholic church for almost 1,800 years by which unregenerated people form religions and worship a god they manufactured from their own imaginations. Both of these movements are from the same counterfeit ‘jesus’. This ‘jesus’ is all about dazzle, material wealth, physical prowess and deception: he is about the here and now. This ‘jesus’ will do anything to make sure you do not study the Bible  – you do not find the True God.

This jesus will disappoint you when you need him most: at the gate of death.

Watch these videos

You will need to watch these videos at least 3 to 4 times to begin to get a glimpse into the edge of the evil going on in the ‘christian’ world today.

You need to listen to the words from the mouths of the ‘pastors’ very carefully, then compare what you hear from their mouths with the actual statements in the Bible otherwise you will never suspect what they are saying are not derived from the Bible.

Unregenerated Pastors, The Church And Bible Prophecies

If you are not very careful,  you will never suspect what you hear from the mouths of Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Chris Oyakhilome, David  Oyedepo, Enoch Adeboye, William Kumuyi  –  yes, William Kumuyi  –  Kenneth Copeland, Fredrick Price, T. D. Jakes, Morris Cerullo, Kenneth Hagin,  Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen – in fact every charismatic or Pentecostal preacher – are, indeed, anti-Christ, occult teachings!

Your soul is the prize at stake.

The ‘jesus’ on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, TBN,  Dunamis Channel,  The DOVE Channel, Emmanuel TV,  Faith Channel, The Inspiration Channel, The DayStar Television is NOT, in any way, related to the Jesus of the Bible!