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A few months ago we published a study of the noted differences in the contents of the many a Bible version in the market titled An Alphabet At A Time.

This attached publication by the New Zealand Gloriavale Christian group is brought to the attention of readers for its freshness and conciseness.

Strange Fingers All Over The Sacred Texts

No one who ever came across the works, occult beliefs and teachings of the late Reverends F. J. A. Hort and W.F. Westcott and their overwhelming impacts on the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ New World Translation (NWT) as well as the ecumenical New International Version (NIV) of the Bible would think this is a mere academic issue.

You must wonder what the seminaries are teaching the students if the occult beliefs and teachings of these translators, no, re-writers of the scriptures, are not taught aspiring pastors before they are handed these new versions of the Bible.

In spite of stern prohibitions from God against adding to or deducting from the Written Word in Revelation 22:18-19,  men have taken it on themselves to do precisely what is forbidden.

To cover their evil they now say what they put out in the name of Bibles are ‘dynamic equivalence’ of the real thing, as if men on their own can devise phrases and languages to reflect precisely what is in the mind of the Almighty.

What presumptuousness!

From the pioneering work of occultists Hort and Westcott, and the Roman Catholic prelates who would be nothing but God, we now  have homosexuals and atheists producing Bibles!

And have you noticed that the word “hell” does not appear anywhere in the Old Testament of the NIV, even though in some of the passages, such as Psalm 9:17, there is no other word anyone can truthfully use as substitute for the word? Who are the authors of the NIV serving by going out of their way to hide hell in the Old Testament from their readers?

And the words, ‘sodomy’, ‘sodomite’, ‘homosexual’? You won’t find them anywhere in the NIV bible. Its homosexual and lesbian authors cannot permit even God to condemn their cherished evil!

But our pastors urge us to regard all the offerings in the market in the name of Bibles as ‘word of God’! There really must have been a reason why the Lord Jesus Christ so hotly condemned the doctrines of the Nicolaitans in Revelation 2:6, Rev 2:15.

We recommend readers spend time on this attached comparisons between the King James Version and the other versions of the Bible.