The Pastors: Is Yours Connected To The Jesus Of The Bible?

Deceptions Similar To Those of The Time Of Noah Are Here

Pastors Cassock

“But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be”.  Mat 24:37-39

The question forming the topic of this article must be pointless to most readers. Some will take immediate offense at the temerity of the writer even asking questions such as this. Yet the truth is most pastors, churches and fellowships have nothing to do with the Jesus of the Bible. You should care to know what the Bible itself says about most of the teachings you hear in the various churches and fellowships today.

{Click and check up every Bible reference you see here, and, preferably read verses before and after them in your own Bible. We recommend  the King James Version}.

There are serious efforts being made to ensure you do not know the real Jesus of the Bible. Most of the people who make these efforts are deceived themselves. They think they are serving the Lord Jesus Christ but He does not know most of them. A few are thoroughly misled, not knowing the origin of what they affirm or the implications of their teachings. Some of them are too busy ‘doing the work of God’ to be bothered on who originated the things they teach. The younger generations now think the ‘signs and wonders’ churches in their neighbourhoods are Christian, when, in fact, the Lord Jesus Christ sees them as centers of evil.

How Come?

Sometime between 1901 and 1913 the devil made his move to take over the church of Christ. He recruited two ministers – one white, the other black –  for the job. Through the ministries of Charles Parham and William Seymour, a group of psychics, hypnotists and occult practitioners started a movement to take over the church. They said they have acquired the New Testament’s ability to speak in tongues (real, unlearned languages, Acts 2:5-11) as well as being able to perform miracles similar to what are written in the New Testament of the Bible.

Since they knew the ‘tongues’ of the New Testament were real, unlearned, earthly languages the speaker suddenly and fluently starts speaking without going through any schooling for, they deceived themselves into thinking this was the gift they too had just received.

Please note I did not say a group of born again people. These ones gathered in Azusa Street, Los Angeles, were made up of psychics, spiritists, mediums, hypnotists and those who communicated with the dead.

In plain language, THESE WERE UNCONVERTED OCCULT, JUJU MEN AND WOMEN plying their trade, now with the Bible in their hands!  Parham and Seymour were pastors; but they were pastors of the Aladura kind – white-garment, spiritualist pastors. These pastors, together with other people who openly consulted with familiar spirits, clairvoyants and mediums, founded the Movement they named Pentecostal or New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

These preachers are always speaking of

  • ‘New Revelations’!
  • ‘Fire’!
  • ‘New Anointings’!
  • God’s ‘Generals’!
  • ‘New Interpretations’ of the Bible!
  • ‘Holy Ghost Power’!
  • Manifestations of the spirit!
  • ‘New Oil’!
  • Uncommon Understanding of God’s  ‘New Revelations’!
  • ‘Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues’.
  • ‘The New Apostles and Prophets’!
  • The ‘Apostolic And Prophetic Mantle’!

The thing most obvious about members of the group is the lack of basic human humility, not to talk of the absence of the mandatory awe every godly person has for God. These ones drip with pride.

The real Christians of those days such as R .A. Torrey, G. C. Morgan, Clarence Larkin and H. Ironside  called them, “Satan’s preachers, jugglers, necromancers, enchanters, magicians, and all sorts of mendicants (beggars),” and  Satan’s “last vomit”. This is the group that birthed the current Movement we have in much of the world today, particularly Nigeria, preaching the following doctrines:

  • Tongues, that are NOT languages;
  • Being ‘slain in the spirit’ where people roll on the floor barely conscious of their surroundings;
  • Impartation of the spirit as if God’s Spirit can be given to anyone by simply touching him;
  • Teaching that Christians are gods;
  • Teaching that Christians cannot be poor or be sick;
  • Teaching that people generally, not necessarily only Christians, have some sort of spiritual power in their mouths, like God, to command anything they want into existence;
  • Teaching that Jesus died, not to ensure believers are forgiven their sins, but to enable believers take over dominion of the world;
  • Teaching that when Jesus said, “It is finished!” on the cross, it wasn’t finished at all; we are saved only after Jesus was adequately punished (by Satan and his demons) in hell: His blood shed on the cross was not enough to pay for our sins!

It is the teachings of this group, without the white garments, that are now dressed up as ‘Christianity’ in the Pentecostal, Charismatic, Word Of Faith and Dominion ‘Churches’ and fellowships.

Denial Of Jesus As God

They teach all these while affirming that Jesus Christ was a mere man while He walked the earth. Their teachings clearly deny that He was, is and always will be God. They teach He was an ‘anointed man’, not much better than any of their other ‘anointed ministers’ walking the street!

However, the Bible is very clear on His Divinity (Jn 1:14, John 1:10, John 8:24, Mal 3:1, Isaiah 9:6, Lk 1:35Eph 3:9, Col 1:16, Heb 13:8 and very many others). The fact that Isaiah said the child that would be born is also addressed as The mighty God and The everlasting Father never bothered them, (Isaiah 9:6). They teach He was a man like the rest of us: the only difference being that He learned, mastered and applied spiritual principles we all can also master and apply. Kenneth Copeland, their current world-wide spiritual leader, flatly denies Jesus is the only begotten Son of God! He says dying on the cross was so ordinary, he, Copeland, could very well have done it!


How anyone holding these beliefs can be  termed ‘Christian’ is beyond comprehension.

But the devil has gone a few miles further: he has foisted them as the popularly acknowledged  leaders of the faith!

The Pastors And ‘Decree A Thing And It Shall Be Established’

Does the Bible indeed teach men can decree a thing and it shall be established as we are now being told by these preachers? Yes, if we do not read God’s reaction to the man who said that statement in the first instance. No, if we hear what God said. If we read Job 22:28 and stop there, we get a false picture to support a set of satanic doctrines.

Why do I say these teachers’ affirmative quotation of Job 22:28 is satanic? Because God in Job 42:7-8 said He was angry enough to destroy the speaker, Eliphaz, for saying what he said in Job 22:28.  However, in line with their real Hindu faith, these ‘Christian’ church leaders assert this doctrine as if it has now been approved by God!

The Pastors: ‘Power of Life And Death In The Mouth’

Does the Bible in Proverbs 18:21 teach that there is some sort of hidden spiritual power in our mouths that can bring either life or death to us as we speak them? The Word of Faith and Prosperity preachers on TBN, DayStar,  Dove, Dunamis and Faith channels and most of our fellowship teachers think so. But is that what the Bible passage says? Yes, if we disregard simple English grammar. Otherwise, you will quickly discover the passage is only on the need to control your tongue; not letting anger, pride or careless talk ruin your life. You will soon see this is the theme of most of the teachings of the chapter before and also the one after chapter 18 of Proverbs.

Most of these preachers, such as Paul Yongi cho, Kenneth Hagin, Fred Price, Joyce Meyer, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller, Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland and their Nigerian outposts teach that we do not even need to have anything to do with the Jesus Christ of the Bible in order to exercise those special spiritual principles and abilities. They say Buddhists and others do better with the knowledge than even their ‘Christian’ church members. Sadly the foregoing, or slight variants of it, is what is taught in most of our ‘churches’ in Nigeria today. Sadly these, generally, are what students in secondary and tertiary schools – and seminaries – are being taught in the various ‘Christian’ Fellowships such as (FCS) and (NIFES), too.

Like typical workers of the devil, these teachers would rather fight if anyone asks them to justify the basis of their teachings and beliefs.

Basic Hinduism Dressed As Nigerian Christianity

The foregoing, basic Hinduism, is now dressed up and dished out as Christianity by virtually all the pastors, bishops, prophets and evangelists of Nigeria. This is what Kenneth Copeland, Myles Monroe, Kenneth Hagin, Fred Price or their Nigerian anchors such as Enock Adeboye, David Oyedepo, William Kumuyi, Biodun Fatoyinbo, Paul Enenche, Joshua Talena  and everyone who follows these anti-Christ doctrines teach.

The Truth, The Pastors And The Devil

Because many of the teachers and patrons (and matrons) of these Fellowships are either deceived or ignorant, they  do not want their followers to know these teachings are not supported by the Bible. They do not want you to know that ancient Christians such as Peter, Paul, Matthew, John, Luke, Silas, John Bunyan (who wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress), D L Moody, R A Torrey, Charles Spurgeon and millions of other saints never spoke any of these non-language so-called ‘tongues’, either privately or when they preached. They do not want you to know the Lord Jesus Christ never spoke in tongues.

They do not want you to know tongues are not unique to Christians – and that Hindus, Islamic Sufis, Aladuras and other occult people speak the SAME ‘TONGUES’ that Pentecostals and Charismatics speak. They do not want you to know that tongues, I mean the correct tongues of the Bible (sudden, unlearned, foreign languages), were not for believers but are signs of impending judgment on unbelievers.

They do not want you to know – or even suspect the possibility – that the Tongues and Pentecostal Movement did not originate from God’s Holy Spirit.


This must be surprising to you, if not shocking.

It should be alarming to the vast majority of people, particularly those who call these ‘churches’ and fellowships theirs. The non-language, non-intelligible ‘tongues’, pure witches’ coven languages, are spoken only by Hindus, spiritists, Aladuras and occult people, NEVER by truly born again Christians. NEVER!

What, really, are we saying here?

We are saying, given the literal and the only logical interpretation of John 8:24, everyone who denies the Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, i.e, that He was God while He walked the earth, is NOT a Christian.  John 8:24: “I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins”. We are saying the people who preach Word of Faith and Prosperity teachings, since they deny Christ’s Eternal Divinity and Uniqueness and the Completeness  and finality of His Atoning Death, are not Christians at all: forget their high visibility, power and wealth derived from their manipulation of the Faith.

Anyone who teaches that his own mouth is as powerful as the mouth of God (such as Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, William Kumuyi, Enoch Adeboye, David Oyedepo and Pat Robertson) has never met the Lord Jesus Christ. He is an impostor and an interloper.


God will not break or bend His term for Kenneth Copeland, Myles Monroe, Kenneth Hagin, Fred Price or their Nigerian anchors such as Enock Adeboye, David Oyedepo, William Kumuyi, Biodun Fatoyinbo, Paul Enenche, Joshua Talena  and everyone who follows their anti-Christ doctrines.   That is the truth the Bible supports.

What, Then,  Is True Christianity?

Real Christianity is about you, your sins and a Divine Person who only can pay for sins against a holy and eternal God. If God had the power and the right to create and sustain the universe, He had the right to spell out the rules for those living in it. He regards every offense on any of those rules(when we lie, cheat, slander, defame, covet, steal, kill etc) primarily as personal affronts against Himself and He will bring every transgressor into judgment and punishment.  “Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight”. Psa 51:4. The only way out is for a sinless, holy Person to accept to pay the penalty for our individual sins.

The only One who ever fit that bill is Jesus Christ. Born without a human father, the Bible says He was God, even when He walked the Earth on two feet! The fact that He did not always manifest the majesty of His Being did not, in any way, remove from Who He was.  This is the CENTRAL truth (John 3:16-18) every man must accept or he is lost – and this is the main thing ALL false religions (Islam, Pentecostalism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Aladuras, all cults,Roman Catholicism) reject.

His main purpose for coming was to pay the price of sins for men and reconcile them back to God, the Father. This is the shedding of the blood of  The Innocent Person for the sins of others that prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 53 wrote about and Moses in Exodus 12:3-13 foretold. That is the only thing that satisfies the justice of God against sin and sinners: every sin must be paid for but this can only be done by God Himself. Jesus, God the Son, is the only One that forgives everyone that truly comes to Him in repentance and faith in His sacrificial death. He is alive and He answers prayers, John 5:22-24.

He did not come to ensure Christians gain dominion of the Earth: God never lost His ownership, or control, of His property. He did not die so we may be financially successful, popular and healthy: those are deceptive teachings of demons so men may not face squarely the real reason for the break between them and God. The Lord Jesus Christ came only to save people from their sins and take away God’s anger against them because of their sins. That is more important than all the positions, money, wealth and successes of this world. Even if a person lived to be 150 years, he will still die. What happens if you die tonight?

What Should You Do?

If you are not very sure you have actually met the true Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible ( and there is very little basis for true assurance if you are a member of a Word of Faith, Dominionism,  Prosperity gospel or Roman Catholic church)  go to a private place and ask Him to forgive you your sins and come take over your life as Lord and Saviour. Do this only if you are really serious about God and your sins. If you are not, He can’t be deceived.

If your Christianity is that of ‘name it and claim it’, in most probability you have been introduced to a fake Jesus: you are holding to a fake gospel. And a fake Jesus with a fake gospel is the Bible’s definition of Satan  2 Cor 11:13-15 (Read 2 Cor 11, particularly verses 13 to 15 and Galatians 1:6-10).

If you are really serious about the dire implications of your sins and their affronts on God, CALL the JESUS of the Bible and ask Him to forgive you of your sins and take over your life by His Spirit. Renounce all the lies of fake tongues and Pentecostalism.

If you have ever lost consciousness in any of those ‘church’ or ‘fellowship’ services in the past  – no matter how momentary – you need help. That is a terrible thing involving deep hypnotism, occultism and idolatry. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to remove any demons normally planted in people when they are ‘slain in the spirit’, from you.

God’s Holy Spirit NEVER knocks anyone unconscious, even slightly, when He comes into them: sound mind – never lost consciousness – is the gift of the true Spirit of God. God’s Holy Spirit is NOT involved in any form of theatrics or pandemonium: He will NEVER do anything to impress you and neither will He cause you to do anything to impress anyone else.  He is the Spirit of truth and soberness: Acts 26:25; His concerns are on righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come: Acts 24:25. Lost consciousness is done by demons to implant themselves while pretending to impress their victims. The deceived victim leaves the arena thinking he has been ‘visited by God‘ and had had a ‘touch of God‘. Anyone who has ever been ‘slain in the spirit’ is spiritually sick, even if he is unaware of it!

Guard your heart very well. Do not allow any one to deceive you; do not allow anyone to lay hand on you anyhow. Jesus warned us over and over to be on guard against deception. Check Matthew 24:3-5, Matthew 24:11, Matthew 24:23-25,    1 Timothy 4:1-2,   1 John 4:1-2. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to protect you from the gross deception and impartation of demonic spirits widespread in these demon-inspired ‘churches’ and ministries today.

“Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure” 1 Timothy 5:22 was Paul’s instruction to Timothy. Allow no one to lay hands suddenly on you, either.

If a preacher says he speaks in tongue, ask him if the tongue he speaks is like the one in Acts 2:8-11 i.e, an intelligent, normal language someone, somewhere on Earth speaks in his day-to-day living. Reject him once he says, “No”, whoever he is and however ‘holy’ or sincere he appears to be. He is working for the devil, whether he accepts it or not. Do not allow anyone use his ‘experience’ to nullify the word of God written clearly in the Bible. If by doing this you will not get any preacher, better for you. Paul said the Bible alone was enough to show Timothy  the way of Salvation.

If anyone says he acquired the ability as ‘the second definite work of the Holy Spirit’ after his conversion, ask him to show you where any of the Apostles spoke in non-language, non-intelligible gibberish in the Bible.

Ask him to show you where in the Bible Paul or Peter or John or any other of the Apostles ministered in such ‘tongue’ in the Bible.

If he insists there is a “second definite work of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues” subsequent to conversion for Christians, ask him to give you a Bible record of such occurrence  for the 3,000 that believed in the day of Pentecost or the 5,000 the day the paralysed man was healed.

If a preacher teaches about seed faith, ask him to show you in the Bible where seed and faith were ever used together for money we give to God. Ask him to show you in the New Testament where it says God can be induced by our gifts of money or wealth or time or any other thing or service rather than our presentment of the Blood and the Name of His Son.

Miracles apart – since the Bible itself says servants of Pharaoh changed sticks into snakes – when a pastor asks you to pray that your enemy, “falls down and die”, ask him to show you where that is taught in the New Testament.

Ask your teacher to show you where in the Bible Paul or Peter or John was ministering and people, Christians and non-Christians alike, started falling down on their faces, saying they were being ‘slain in the spirit’.

If he tells you his tongue is a language of angels, ask him to show you an example of a place where angels spoke to people in the Bible and no one understood what the angel said.

Whether he knows it or not, he is insulting God if he says his unintelligible ‘tongue’ is a ‘heavenly language’. That is saying God uses languages of demons.

Programming God!

If your pastor touts ‘miracles, signs and wonders, fire’ or any miraculous phenomenon when promoting his church or crusade, you should run from him. God cannot be programmed to do anything by anyone at anytime. Ask your pastor to show you an example of anyone who successfully programmed God in the Bible.

Open and read the following:

1 False Revival 

2 Fake Spiritual Warfare And Fake Christian Leaders


The Lord Jesus Christ said the main feature of the last days would be deception, spiritual deception (Matthew 24:3-5Matthew 24:11, Matthew 24:23-25; Matthew 7:13-15, Matthew 7:21-23).

People would be deceived about themselves (who really they themselves are before God), about Him (Jesus Christ), about God the Father, about the Holy Spirit and about the Devil.


Is it not a surprise that deceived and deceiving Word of Faith and Pentecostal pastors ascribe works of the Devil such as being ‘slain in the spirit’,  clairvoyance, misnamed ‘prophecy’ or ‘word of knowledge’ and witches’ coven gibberish, ‘speaking in tongues’, as works of God’s Holy Spirit?

The reason is so you may not know the true God.

Have you ever met Him?

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