Pastor Bob Dewaay: God Has His Own People

It is important we should make it clear God never leaves Himself without true servants – Pastor Bob Dewaay is one of such men.  They may be few and insignificant in the world’s estimation of things – but they are always there. Your duty is finding out who these people are.  Very often this is far easier than you think: just listen to what people teach in the light of the express statements of the Bible.

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Once people start thinking of impressing you with “new” theories and ideas that a Primary 3 pupil cannot find in the Bible, you must put your thinking cap on! The issue in life and in eternity is not about theory or ideas but what God will stand by when you die. To make this clear, He not only gave His words in the Bible, He saw to it that no devil was able to destroy it. He maintains not only the integrity but the existence of His words for all time. Read the Bible: the King James Version. It is the nearest you have to the true, original Greek and Hebrew texts in the English tongue in our time.

We not only warn readers of fake ‘men of God’, we will, as God enables us, draw readers’ attention to some of the true men and women of God in the service of their Lord.

Watch Bob and other true servants of the Lord at Critical Issues Commentary ministry.

Spiritual Warfare,  Bob Dewaay

The genius of a master strategist in any form of warfare is to get his enemy to use his weapon, particularly a weapon he not only formed but has perfect antidote for. Satan is in the church in our day leading spiritual warfare!

Since people have left off reading the Bible, antics of the Devil are now accepted as the works of the Spirit of God! You now have Satan supposedly casting out Satan in ‘Christian’ gatherings!

Faith At Risk – How To discern The True Work Of The Spirit

What is this in our hands?


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