It Is Sorcery!

Commanding God Is Evil

A good number of my readers, and almost everyone who goes to some church, do not know why I campaign so much against the Word-of-Faith and Prosperity doctrines and preachers. The existence of these doctrines is a very grave failing of the church of Christ in our time.

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Indeed if there is one area where the church has failed most spectacularly, it is by not teaching people what sorcery is. I will not be surprised if more than 95% of my readers cannot pick the correct meaning of this word or its practical application in their day-to-day lives. To most people around the world, sorcery belongs to the people of earlier generations: to many of the youths, it is a thing they only hear in folklore.

My friend, what is sorcery?

The Cambridge Dictionary, has it as:
“a type of magic in which spirits, especially evil ones, are used to make things happen”

The Webster says it is:

the use of magical powers that are obtained through evil spirits

In Webster’s Full Definition of sorcery, it has:
1: the use of power gained from the assistance or control of evil spirits especially for divining: necromancy
2 : magic

I must advise my readers to ensure they take in, as much as possible, the ordinary meanings of sorcery as given in the dictionary definitions above… spirits, especially evil ones, are used to make things happen!

It is however necessary to bring in the religious and practical definition of the word: Anyone who believes that by thinking certain thoughts in some certain way or saying certain words in some specific manner, God must ensure the fulfillment of his will is into sorcery. He is either playing God or, at the very least, he is attempting to manipulate God. It must be noted that even when they are not visible, every form of sorcery involves non-human beings: demons in plain language. What, therefore, is sorcery? Sorcery is the willful application of the mind, through thought or speeches to the end of effecting changes in the physical world, regardless of what God, through the Lord Jesus Christ thinks or approves in any particular case through the manipulation of demons.

In some other fora, this is known as mind-over-matter. It is dark arts.

Until you get the correct meaning of the word and examine the day-to-day beliefs and practices of almost all men on earth, (from the Whites of Europe and America, the Yellows of Asia to the Browns of the Congo) the false impression is that modern education had taken care of superstition and sorcery. It is alive and well in modern churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, pagodas and shrines: it is alive in the hearts and homes of everyone on the earth.

When Prosperity preachers tell you, “It is the will of God that everyone of His children must be wealthy and healthy”, they are setting you up for sorcery! When they say you should, “Command your blessing!”, it is sorcery they are leading you into since there must be a spirit executing their commands.

A magician At Work
A magician At Work

When a preacher or an evangelist posts statements pouring unqualified blessings on everyone that presses ‘like’ on his website or post, sinners and saints alike, it is sorcery. He is calling forth something he has no authority to do, except he traffics with demons.

We may listen to a few of the well-known sorcerers of our time.

Charles Capps, one of the leaders of the Positive Confession Movement and a respected preacher on TBN and Daystar channels, says, “This is not theory. It is fact. It works every time it is applied correctly…You set them (spiritual laws) in motion by the words of your mouth… everything you say – will come to pass”.


William Kumuyi: “You say it and you claim it and it is so! You carry the miracle in your mouth! You carry the power in your mouth! You carry the anointing in your mouth! You carry the dominion in your mouth!

You carry the healing in your mouth! You carry your good luck in your mouth!” This midnight explosion is going to take place: explosive miracles through your wonder-working mouth! You’ll realize this new year you carry miracles in your mouth! Let your mouth produce miracles: your mouth will produce miracles”!

William Kumuyi Says Midnights are Special Times For Miracles

William Kumuyi Teaching Witchcraft As Christianity

Paul (David) Yongi-cho affirms:

by the spoken words we create our universe of circumstances…You create the presence of Jesus with your mouth…He is bound by your lips and by your words…”.

These quotes are not peculiar to these two men. You cannot listen to anyone preaching Prosperity and Dominion gospel for more than 20 minutes before you hear similar godless babble.

You must note the quotes are totally devoid of God in any positively active manner.

Strange Faith

Where these people talk about God or Jesus Christ at all, it is nearly always in the sense of His performing what He is bound to perform in fulfilment of the commands, words or the thoughts of men. He is bound, according to Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Enoch Adeboye, David Oyedepo, Paul Talena et al, to do whatever they say! In the theology of Word-of-Faith, God is bound to do what he is told by His ‘servants’. That is their definition of ‘faith’.

You may ask: “What about the thought for the sovereignty of God?” Word-of-Faith says whatever we can conceive in our minds, we can have: God’s sovereignty, if there is any phrase like that, does not apply to the ‘Christian’ once he exercises ‘faith’. That is why they are bold to teach you must never pray to God, “May your (God’s) will be done.”

My friends, these are spiritual hooligans: they are sorcerers. Their ‘faith’ is a cudgel to knock God to shape, never an implicit confidence that God knows and will perform that which is absolutely good for His children when they approach Him in prayer and supplication according to His own will. The ‘God’ of the Word-of-Faith cannot say, No. He can only accede to whatever you command him to do!

And, of course, he can be bribed with various inducements. In fact he is eagerly waiting for those gratifications: he would do no favours to no one until he is induced. You may have to remind him the last financial or other contributions you made to his causes in case you notice he is not performing your instructions quickly enough!

I assume the average reader is by now alive to the fact that what I have been describing here is the way shamans and occult people order their gods around through incantations.

Check it up here: the teachings of Word of Faith, Dominionism and Prosperity preachers are from the occult.

Can The Prayers Of The Word-of-Faith Preachers Be Answered?

The answer to this question is yes. The issue is not whether these prayers can be answered, the issue is who answers their prayers. The Bible has many instances of sorcerers bringing things to pass and producing miraculous phenomena. One of such is in the story of Moses and the magicians of Egypt. They turned their rods into snakes and brought forth frogs! The fact that the modern-day sorcerers mouth the name ‘Jesus’ does not affect their trade. The research work of Dr Kurt E Koch serialized on this website proved that demons masquerade as ‘Jesus’ to deceive. The Bible, in 2 Corinthians 11:14, plainly teaches that Satan transforms himself into an angel of light. The real God, the Person Who created the universe, cannot be ordered, commanded or instructed to do anything. He would not execute the thoughts of anyone except those thoughts He Himself originated.

When Word-of-Faith preachers and other sorcerers order their gods to perform a feat, they are dealing directly with demons.

Success and Sorcery

Since man, as distinct from God, is the focus of sorcery, it is no surprise that personal and financial success is the main goal of these churches and movements. That is the reason why you would never hear a sermon on why God sent the Lord Jesus Christ to the world apart from to help them achieve financial domination of the earth. To the Prosperity preachers, John 3:16 does not make any sense.

You think I am making this up? Put any video or cassette by any preacher known for Prosperity or Dominion or Fall-Down-And-Die doctrine on and listen for half an hour.


Watch it! The Enemy Is In!


Jude exhorts us to “earnestly contend for the faith … delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). Then he tells us one reason why:

Certain men (leaders) of apostasy have penetrated the church.
Who have changed God’s grace into license to sin and denial of the sovereignty of Christ.

If a belief system does not preach the Cross, it is not the power of the Creator God (I Corinthians 1:18).

It Is Sorcery: Oyedepo Teaching Witchcraft
It Is Sorcery: Oyedepo Teaching Witchcraft As Christianity

Yet, many Christian churches are minimizing the Bible, the Cross, doctrine and salvation to embrace this mysticism

According to the Late Dave Hunt, in Seduction of Christianity, Christianity is facing its most challenging moment in history. The Word-of-Faith Movement has introduced series of seductive satanic doctrines and ideas that are changing the ordinary meanings of Bible passages and undermining the faith of countless number of people throughout the world. It has foisted a fake faith on people.

In case you think you are a Christian, I advise you call up Dave Hunt’s Seduction of Christianity and spend a little more time on this website.

The mystery we are now witnessing in the commandeering of the Church of Christ to serve sorcery by the Winners Chapel, the MFM, The Synagogue, The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Chris Oyakhilome’s Love World and thousands of their types who preach Dominion and Prosperity ‘gospel’ in Nigeria and other parts of the world is a ringing reason why all men should check the Bible very carefully. 


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  1. I appreciate this message. Sorcerers are taking over the church. The prayer of Jesus “not my will but your will be done” is outdated. The mark of being a Christian is no longer their portion.

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