Church History: The March Of Godlessness And Apostasy

The Parable Of The Tares

David Cloud

Church History: Buddhist Prayer Beads
Church History: Buddhist Prayer Beads: Flagrant Disobedience To Mattew 6:7

I intend to make available in the next few days detailed history of the church from the time of the resurrection and ascension to heaven of the Lord Jesus Christ to the present time. On this we are indebted to a few godly men such as David Cloud and I advise readers call up the teachings included in these postings.

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You must note a few critical junctures from where the faith we have today began to deviate sharply from the plain teachings you read in the Bible. Note, in particular:

The introduction of strange, unbiblical, doctrines in the church;

The separation of Christians into clergy and laity;

The formation and professionalization of the clergy;

The arrogation of unbiblical power and authority to the clergy; (Rev 2:6,15)

The introduction of the doctrine of celibacy into the priesthood, even though the Bible expressly forbids this evil; (1 Timothy 4:1-3)

The marriage of church and state for the formation of the so-called Christendom where the reading of the Bible was a capital offence; (John 16:2)

The Christianization of various pagan beliefs and practices: full-scale idolatry in the Roman Catholic, Greek and Russian Orthodox churches. (1 Timothy 4:1-2)

The wholesale murders of Bible-believing Christians and everyone found reading or translating the Bible by the Catholic church, the popes and other church councils.

It can be seen, at the root of things, these, primarily, are not the works of a man or a family of men but that of a being who has outlived everyone of the human characters involved in these gruesome, sinful acts over these two thousand years. The guilt of the men used is that they made themselves willing tools of the devil.