Evolution: A Masterpiece From Hell

The Year 1859 AD

Modern Science and Unsubstantiated Mythys
Modern Science and Unsubstantiated Myths

A few things happened in the year 1859 we need to pay attention to. One of those things was the publication by the theologian Charles Darwin of the book popularly called “Origin of Species”.[sgmb id=”1″]

Much of biological sciences in our universities and other higher schools are based on this fraud of a book. The academic world, because of their primary aversion to God and godliness, promptly and without any shred of verifiable evidence, acclaimed the book a work of genius.

The sad part is the black teachers in the universities, blinded by ignorance, neglect the fact that the principal goal of the book was to give a so-called scientific basis for the elimination of the black race.

You will be shocked to discover the average scientist touting the theories of the selection of the species does not know the full title of the book. Most of them have never opened it but they all parrot the untruths in its cover.

The other day I saw a photograph of a chimpanzee in a Yoruba Junior Secondary School textbook and under it a caption: “Awon Baba Wa” (Our Ancestors). In spite of the confirmed frauds in the so-called Piltdown,, Peking and Richard Lickey artefacts and the horrendous harvest of genocide by Germany and others as a result of this satanic teaching, first on the Herero Tribe of Namibia in the first decade of 1900s and then the Jews of Europe in the 1940s, our universities persist in force-feeding the students with this poison.

Science education is supposed to be based on evidences that can either be reproduced or verified: origin of species has neither of these. The author, a non-scientist, renegade pastor with strong hatred of the fundamental belief in the scriptures that a Personal, Eternal, All-knowing and All-powerful God created the universe, found eager accomplices in the occult leaders of the academic world ready to throw out the basic tenets of their training to accommodate every new doctrine that impugn the character of God.

Not many theories and systems of thought taught in the universities undermine faith in God and the holy scriptures than this fraud.

“On The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection, Or the Preservation of FAVOURED RACES (emphasis mine) in the Struggle For Life” is one of the masterpieces of Satan of 1859. Like all other masterpieces of the devil, it can only be sustained with lies and force.

Please listen to Doctor Curt D Daniel.

I hope to return to another 1859 masterpiece of the Great Deceiver sometime in the future.

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