Are You A Catholic?

You Need To Consider A Few Points Of Truth

The following materials from jesus-is-savior website are a little frank, but true, as far as the religious beliefs and practices of Catholics are concerned. Most often, pure truth is bitter. If you are a Catholic you need to answer a few very important questions about yourself, your beliefs, the Lord Jesus Christ, God and what happens to you after you die.

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These are not questions you can sub-contract to any experts, religious or no. You will meet God face-to-face one day and you will have to answer these same questions before Him. Do you think you will be able to call on a pope or a father to answer for you before Him? You know that will not be possible. The materials on this site are based on the written word of God, the Bible.

Mysticism In Catholic Mass
Mysticism In Catholic Mass

Everyone needs to check his views in line with the written words of God. I pray our Catholic readers will be humble enough to acknowledge God’s words written in the Bible are superior to the traditions and pronouncements of their popes and priests  – some of whom have been among the worst sort of sinners, murderers, adulterers and idolaters who ever lived.

It is foolhardy believing otherwise.

Listen to John Pittman Hey talk on False Church, False Gospel

And father Charles Chiniquy in Fifty Years In The Church of Rome

Listen to the Voice of the Maker and Sustainer of the Universe in the Bible.

The pope, like everyone else, will face God for judgment.

Do You Still Doubt The Catholic Hierarchy Works For The Antichrist?
Do You Still Doubt The Catholic Hierarchy Works For The Antichrist?

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