Predictive Dreams, Processeans And Witchcraft

Dr Koch On Dreams, Processeans and Witchcraft

As I wrote in the introduction to one of the earlier parts of these excerpts, these materials are not to entertain or excite anyone. They are to educate Christians and non-Christians who desire to have a correct grasp of truth and encourage people everywhere to appreciate the reality of evil and their need for the Saviour. Dr Koch didn’t write fiction.

“Predictive Dreams.

The question of predictive dreams is one that must be handled with care. To avoid any misunderstanding, I will say at the outset that I believe all the dreams recorded in the Bible.

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These Biblical dreams, however, occurred in a different age from our own. In the days when Joseph dreamed and interpreted dreams in Egypt, there was as yet no written Word of God — apart from isolated records like the Book of Jashar. Again, the appearance of angels to Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, and the three Wise Men was conditioned by the special saving events of their time.
Today we have the written Word of God, the Bible, as the guideline for our faith. The Bible contains all that we need for our salvation. We have no need of additional dreams, visions, or appearances.

This does not mean that God cannot reveal Himself by dreams to people in special situations today. This is true especially for primitive people who cannot read or write and are therefore unable to find guidance from the Bible. In the revivals of Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, Korea, and Formosa, dreams have sometimes been genuine revelations of God.

In other situations God sometimes shows people the way, or prepares them for important events ahead by means of dreams. I will give two examples.

Ex 179: Pastor Müller had invited me to preach the Gospel in Pelotas, Brazil. On the first evening there was a certain Catholic man in the congregation,who continued to come each day. On the Wednesday this man came to me for counseling and told me the following story:

Three weeks before these evangelistic meetings began, this gentleman had a dream. He saw a cross. Under it was a man who was preaching the Gospel in a foreign language. Then the man disappeared, and he heard the voice of Jesus saying: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” The dream ended there. During the next few days he forgot about the dream. Then, a week before the meetings were to start, someone pressed a handbill into his hand, inviting him to come.

The first evening, which was a Sunday, I spoke about spiritism. As he was not only a Catholic but also a spiritist, the subject interested him, and he came to listen. At the meeting his interest was further awakened, and he came again on the second and third evenings. Then he suddenly remembered his dream. “Of course — this is what I saw in my dream. A man preaching the Gospel in another language.” On the morning he came to see me, he confessed his sins and gave his life over to Jesus.

Ex 180: When I was on a speaking tour in Quebec, I heard of another incident from my friend, Gottfried Amend. A thirteen-year-old boy named Roy was already a follower of Jesus. He was generally liked because of his happy personality. One morning he told his mother, “Last night I dreamed that I swam across a river and saw the Lord Jesus.” The dream made a very deep impression on Roy, and he also told it to his pastor. “My heart was wide open for the Lord,” he wrote, “and my tears flowed in streams. I looked again at Jesus, and as I did so I had the feeling that He had come to call me.” Two weeks later, Roy drowned in a lake during a young people’s outing from his church.

Hardly anyone was able to feel sad about his death, which had been so clearly announced beforehand. The pastor read the boy’s letter at the funeral.“Roy is much happier now,” said his friends, “for he is with the Lord.” I have intentionally begun with two positive examples. Now we must say something against predictive dreams. Professor Carl Jung says that the great majority of our dreams are rooted in the collective unconscious, the family unconscious, and the individual unconscious. Further factors involved in the origin of dreams are childhood experiences, memories of the day, unfulfilled wishes, and so on.

Occult-induced Dreams

I am sorry that Jung omits one important area, although he was familiar with it. I refer to dreams which are occult in origin. People who are under occult influence as a result of occult activities engaged in either by their forebears or themselves, often have dreams which are fulfilled a few days later.

The dreams are often negative: disasters, deaths, train accidents, car accidents, fires, and visits of which they are afraid. Sometimes dreams of this sort provide a clue that a person is suffering from occult oppression. Anyone who has such experiences ought to ask God to take away this psychic gift of predictive dreams. This ability is a hindrance to the life of faith. My only plea is that these psychic dreams are not confused with those which Jesus sometimes sends, as in the case of Roy, who was prepared for his death in this way by the Lord. Psychic dreams result in fear. Dreams sent by the Lord produce joy.


This word means the people of progress. It is an English sect. Since this book will have a wider circulation in its English translation than in the original German, it is necessary to deal with the English sects. It is, in any case, a matter of experience that spiritual movements from England and America find their way into Europe also. Let us begin with an example from Germany.
Ex 181: Some years ago, I held two evangelistic campaigns in collaboration with my friend, Pastor Wilhelm Brauer, in Lubeck. I stayed at his home. One evening he told me the following story.
His sons had seen two men on Lübeck railway station dressed in long black robes. They thought the men must be Anglican priests or American Lutherans. So they said:

‘‘Are you looking for somewhere to stay?”
“Yes, we are.”

“Our father is a minister. We have open house. Come with us. We live quite near here.”

The two men in black robes accepted the invitation gratefully. They were made welcome by brother Brauer. At the evening meal, however, Pastor Brauer was shocked. The two foreigners were both wearing a silver chain with a cross. But on their arms, each had a devil’s symbol. Brauer asked his guests quite openly, “What is the meaning of those? Are you not pastors?”

“We are Processeans.”
“What are they?” asked Pastor Brauer.
“We believe that Christ and the devil will be reconciled.”

Brother Brauer became uneasy when he heard this. And rightly so. He resolved not to take in any more strangers without enquiry.

Let us look at how this sect operates. My information comes from England and Canada. The Process Church was founded in London in 1963 by Robert de Grimston. Grimston travels all over the world teaching his doctrines. Wherever he goes, he founds groups. His teachings are to be found in the “Brethren Information’s” (B.I.’s). The sect exists from donations. In 1966, a group of Process
people arrived in Mexico. They had to leave the country because they ran out of money. Today the sect has followers in Turkey, Israel, and Greece. The largest groups are found in England, the USA, and Canada. In Toronto, the Process people live at 99 Gloucester Street, in a commune which has strict rules.Their leader is brother Malachi.

The house and community rules of this commune include the following prohibitions: no alcohol, no drugs, no premarital sex, no possessions. These are rules similar to those in the old monastic orders. The highest rule of life is the so-called Golden Rule from Matthew 7:12, “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” This rule given to us by Jesus is distorted, however, by what is added to it. They say:

“If you want love, then first give love.” This is quite acceptable. But they continue: “If you want hate, then you must hate.” That is quite out of keeping with Biblical thought. Jesus said: “Bless those who curse you.”

The movement is still further unmasked when one investigates the theology and practices of this sect. The Processeans believe in three gods: Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan. They ascribe to these gods the following attributes:

Jehovah is a self-righteous god, who thirsts for vengeance and demands only obedience, fullfilment of duty, and self-denial. Lucifer is the god of joyful living. He allows men to enjoy life in all its aspects. He demands peace and harmony among men. Satan instigates all that is negative: orgies of cruelty and violence, intolerance, and excess. He wants to drive men to madness. These doctrines mark out the Process Church as a church of Satan. The insignia and rites point in the same direction. I have already mentioned the silver pectoral cross. On the upper arm or on the collar, they wear the “Goat of Mendes,” a symbol of Satan. On their altar they have two silver chalices, one for Christ and the other for Satan. The preacher always preaches his sermons
under the symbol of Satan. He uses a substitute bible, which is full of sayings which are either distortions of Biblical texts or invented texts of their own.

In this counterfeit bible it says, for instance, Christ said, “Love your enemies.” Satan is Jesus’ worst enemy. In fulfilment of this love commandment, Jesus has become reconciled with Satan. At the last day they will appear together. Christ will pronounce the judgment. Satan will carry it out. The judgment will be made with wisdom. The carrying out of the sentence will be in love. Other strange statements are made about the activity of Jesus; for example, Jesus is the transcendent bringer of unity between the three gods.Thus, in the final consummation of human history, the end will be the harmony of all that happens and all that has been created. This idea is to be found in the cult of Mithras, three hundred years before Christ, and in Gnosticism, the heresy of the second century, and yet again in the teaching of universalism (apokatastasis hapanton).

There is a grain of truth in the claim of the Processeans to be a church of the last days. The appearance of cults of Satan is indeed a prelude to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Process Church also says that the end of the world will come in about the year 2000 a.d., amid massive catastrophes. But the Processeans have a certain fatalism in their approach to this expectation. When they meet, they greet one another with the words,“As it is.” The answer is, “So be it.”

We must not fail to add that this church engages in occult practicessuch as telepathy. All in all, the Process church is a church of Satan, but not one which has orgies like the satanic church of Anton la Vey, the black pope in San Francisco.

Queen of Darkness — Queen of Black Witches

On my missionary journeys, I have several times come into contact with former magicians and even their leaders in the course of counseling. I have told their stories in various books about my missionary travels. I will mention the relevant passages for the sake of those who would like to read them.

A report about the Sauguma cult in New Guinea is to be found in my book Unter der Führung Jesu (Under The Guidance of Jesus). The leaders of this cult still practice child sacrifice,and occasionally even sacrifice adults, in connection with cannibalism.

The last example of this terrible practice known to me was the murder of fourteen people in West Irian, near Djajapura, in the autumn of 1974. Those willing to testify to the truth of this are Dr. Jackson, psychiatrist and theologian from Milwaukee, and Dr. Kenneth Moon of St. Petersburg, Florida.

My encounter with the chief magician, the so-called Country Devil of Liberia, turned into an experience of the triumph of Jesus over all dark powers. This chief magician confessed all his terrible sins and accepted Christ. The missionaries in that area had prepared the ground well.In Rio de Janeiro, I heard the story of a cult mother of the spiritist Macumba cult. Her name is Ottilia de Pontes. She has allowed me to publish her story. Mrs. Pontes is today an evangelist who is richly blessed by the Lord in Brazil. Her photograph is to be seen in my missionary book Jesus auf alien Kontinenten (Jesus For Foreign Lands).The wonderful story of her salvation is recorded in the same book.

In 1973 I gave a series of lectures on Haiti. This former French colony is the home of voodoo, a mixture of black magic and criminal spiritism. Here a Queen of Darkness is chosen each year, one of whose duties is to perform the fourteen-day child sacrifice. The missionaries gave me information of grisly details.

Now I want to give an example in detail from England. I should like to say at the outset that I have heard all the details contained in this dreadful report several times in other countries — in East Asia, Africa, and South America. If I had not, I should not believe this English account. The writer is Doreen Irvine, who has published her life story under the title From Witchcraft to Christ. What we read in this book is so incredible that one can hardly grasp it, and yet it is fact.

What I shall do here is to present a shortened version of part of Mrs.Irvine’s story. She wrote:
The practice of devil worship and my role as high priestess were the most important things in my life. Black witches have great power and are not to be taken lightly. They are able to call up, or call down, powers of darkness to aid them. Very often they exhume fresh graves and offer the bodies in sacrifice to Satan. They break into churches, burn Bibles and prayer books. Wherever holy ground is desecrated, an emblem of witchcraft is left behind. Black witches and Satanists believe that Lucifer will one day conquer Christ. Be warned: those who walk down the dark road of witchcraft lose their reason, often going completely insane.

And she goes on to describe how witches and Satanists do unnatural things. They dance in the nude, and indulge in sex orgies, lesbianism, homosexuality, and sadistic and masochistic excesses. The more a member of a witches’ coven gives herself to the devil, the more her occult powers increase.
Doreen Irvine continues:

My powers as a black witch were great, and I added to my knowledge of evil every day. My ability to levitate four or five feet was very real. It was not a hoax. Demons aided me. Killing birds in flight after they had been let loose from a cage was another act I performed as a witch. I could also make objects appear and disappear. I also mastered apport, which is often used when
witches demonstrate their powers before others. I was not surprised when the chief Satanist suggested that I advance in witchcraft. “You might even be queen of black witches one day, Diana.” (Diana was her stage name.)

“What, I?”
“Yes! I’ll submit your name. But keep practicing your powers so that you will be ready for the test.”

The test of power to which the chief Satanist referred was to be held on Dartmoor in Devon, the center of two large and active covens.Mrs. Irvine met with her coven one clear, moonlit night at exactly 12p.m. A coven consists of thirteen witches, including their leader. During their naked dance, three men suddenly appeared on the scene. The dancing women were frightened. There were no trees or rocks nearby behind which they could hide.

“What shall we do?” asked the witches anxiously. ‘There’s no place to hide!”
“Don’t worry,” said Doreen, “I can make myself invisible.”
‘What about us?”
‘If you put yourselves in my hands, I’ll make you invisible, too.”

There was no time to lose. Hastily, the others did as I told them. Standing perfectly still in a circle, we raised our hands so that they touched. I called up powers of darkness from demons and Satan himself. Within seconds, a green swirling mist enveloped us. We could scarcely see each other. As the three men passed us, I could easily have reached out my hand and touched them, one of whom had walked under our raised hands into the center of our circle.

“Let’s go home,” we heard one of the men say “There are no witches here. We’re wasting our time.”

The reason the three men appeared was explained when I read the local newspaper the next day. An article in the center pages was headlined: “No Witches on Dartmoor.” It related that a local preacher had taken two reporters onto Dartmoor the previous evening to investigate a rumor that witches would be present there. The search had been fruitless, by all accounts. The local preacher, however, was not convinced that witches had not been on the moor. He was right, of course. Unawares, he had been within inches of them.

We should take warning from this story that even believers can be deceived by the enemy. It is more probable in this instance, however, that the Lord was protecting the believing preacher in spite of the immediate presence of dark powers.

After this experience on Dartmoor, Doreen Irvine faced her greatest test. Together with six other witches she was told to demonstrate her occult powers. The one who was most successful of the seven would be Queen of Darkness. All seven were known for their great magical powers. The competition began with the usual ceremonies, during which the demons and Lucifer were invoked.
The first test began when a bird was set free from its cage. Doreen was the only one who was able to kill the bird in the air. One test followed another. Finally came the most difficult test of all: fire walking. I will again give the story in Doreen’s own words:

The test was to walk through a great bonfire [not a ring of fire, please note, but a great blaze]. The successful candidate would meet Lucifer in the center of the blaze, and Lucifer would be seen by the assembly to take the hand of the witch and guide her through the flames so that she would emerge completely unscathed. I walked confidently into the flames of seven feet or more, all the
time calling on my great master, Diablos. Suddenly I saw him materialize before me — a great black figure. I took his hand and walked with him to the center of the great blaze. There I paused, the great flames leaping around me. Only when I emerged at the other side of the blaze did my master
Diablos disappear. Not even the smell of burning was upon my loose witch’s robe or my long, flowing hair. Everyone was prostrated on the ground.

“Hail, Diana, queen of the black witches!” rose the loud cry of over a thousand witches. A crown of pure gold was placed on my head, a cloak beautifully embroidered with gold was thrown around my shoulders, and an orb of gold placed in my left hand. I took my seat on the throne, which had
been prepared before the ceremony.

One can laugh at legends of witchcraft when evidences of evil are not at hand or ever witnessed, yet had anyone been on the moor that night, he would not have laughed.The report would be incomplete if we were to mention only the dark side of Doreen’s life. We are interested more in what Christ can do than in how Satan destroys people’s lives.The Lord had His eye on this woman, caught as she was in the bonds of witchcraft.

It was spring 1964. Doreen was walking the notorious streets of Bristol one night. She was pursuing the oldest profession in the world and waiting for customers. Then she read, on a church bulletin board, the Bible text
“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Pure in heart? See God? She tried to forget the impression these words had made. She could not. In a rage, she pulled the poster down. She went on to another street. The words she had read continued to come to her mind. There is no God, she tried to tell herself. A few days later, she had gotten over the shock.

Three months later the same thing happened again. Once more there were Christian posters on the church bulletin-boards, inviting people to meetings where Eric Hutchings was to speak. Doreen asked a passer-by, ‘‘Who is this Eric Hutchings?” The woman had no idea. Then she saw some people going into a large hall, with Bibles in their hands. Doreen concluded that Eric Hutchings must be some sort of religious hyprocite. She flew into a rage. I will go and punch him on the nose, she thought to herself. “Don’t go. You belong to me,” said another voice within her. Yet she was strongly drawn to go into this hall, which was already packed with people. The usher found her a seat in the middle of the back row. She felt embarrassed, for all the people in the row had to stand up to let her in.

The meeting began with a lovely solo which captured Doreen’s attention.She remembered her childhood, the time when she had learned children’s prayers. She felt so dirty now. Eric Hutchings began his sermon with the words: “If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you are lost. You are dead in trespasses and sins. The Bible says you are BOUND.” Doreen jumped to her feet, forgetting all around her, and shouted: “He’s right. I AM bound!” The crowd turned around to look at her. Even Hutchings was unable to speak for a moment. Then he continued: “If you go to church Sunday after Sunday and do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you too are lost.” Doreen wanted to shout out again, but she was afraid to, because of all the people around her. Hutchings concluded his sermon with an appeal. “Come to Jesus tonight. Come out to the front.” As people started coming forward, the choir sang “Just as I am, without one plea.” Doreen trembled all over. She was resolved to go forward but was unable to. It was as if another power was tying her to the seat. Again she heard the voice, “You belong to me. You cannot
go forward. It is too late for you. You belong to me.” A terrible struggle took place, a struggle with Satan. He tried to stop his victim. In this struggle Doreen suddenly became aware that another power was helping her, a power which was stronger than Satan’s bonds. She jumped up and went forward. Satan lost the battle.Doreen prayed: “I’m coming, Jesus. Please take the darkness away.” She could say no more. Prayer was so foreign to her. Several counselors, among them Mrs. Hutchings, tried to help her. After she had spoken with them, she left the hall with the Gospel of John and a little book about the way of salvation.

On the next street corner she met her colleagues. “Hello, Diana,” they chorused. “Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you.”

“I just was saved at Colston Hall,”

I answered them simply. They thought I was leading them on. They roared with laughter. “I’m not joking. I gave my heart to Jesus at Colston Hall.” They stared in unbelief. “Come off it, Diana. It’s us — your friends.”
“I’m perfectly well aware of that. But it’s true. I’m going home
now to read my Bible.”

It was extremely helpful to Doreen that she confessed her decision to follow Jesus to her old friends immediately. It is very important that after conversion we make our position clear at once. Those who are afraid make a false start. That, in short, is the story of Doreen’s conversion. A woman who had been bound to Satan by a thousand ties became a witness for Jesus Christ.

No one need lose hope. Doreen was Queen of Black Witches and a prostitute. She was freed from this hell by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

“He that commits sin is of the devil; for the devil sins from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:)”

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