Lying Signs And Wonders In The Church

Why We Are Not Charismatics

Rev Ian Goligher

Charismatics: Hagin and Copeland 'holy' laughter: Any in the Bible?
Charismatics: Hagin and Copeland ‘holy’ laughter: No type in the Bible

I think we may freely rephrase the topic of this sermon to “Why We Should Not Be Charismatics or Pentecostals”.[sgmb id=”1″]I return to the issue of charismaticism and Pentecostalism over and over again given the tremendous negative impacts of the errors this movement are having in the church.

The devil has not been able to fashion a worse counterfeit to true Christianity in the last hundred years. It is important we all understand as much as possible the spirit behind the movement. They speak christianese; they carry the Bible; they have the titles; they attend the ‘seminaries’ and the ‘Rhema Bible Institutes’; they are the ‘church leaders’ in most countries. You need to know what they teach and preach. We cannot wait to find out when we get to the gate of heaven. The Lord asked us to check EVERY spirit: you must check and check again the spirit behind anyone teaching you about God.

You will be blessed as you prayerfully  listen to Reverend Ian Goligher teaching the truths in 1st and 2nd Corinthians.

Follow him with an open Bible.

Revd Ian Goligher

Slain in the spirit: No Example In Bible
Slain in the spirit: No Example In Bible

These are follow-up sermons to the one of the same topic brought to readers yesterday. They answer very important questions the devil has been using to confuse people since around 1906:

  • Are there indeed any difference in the Bible between tongues and languages?

  • Are there some ‘angelic languages’ Christians are supposed to speak?
  • Did the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ speak any such language?
  • Are there any ‘secret prayer languages’ known only to the ‘deep’ Christian in the Bible?
  • What is the nature of Paul’s discussions in 1 Corinthians chapters 12 to 14?
  • Was Paul setting out the Corinthian church in 1 Cor 12 to 14 as an example of a church to emulate as the Pentecostals and the Charismatics teach?
  • Does the Bible support the practice whereby people lose their consciousness in any way so they might acquire some special language or revelation? Is the practice Biblical? Is that not a purely occult practice?

As I advised earlier, you must listen to these sermons with your Bible open. Read the references whenever the pastor calls out any and read 1 Cor 12 to 14 itself. Do not forget there was no division of the whole passage, i.e, chapter 12, chapter 13 or chapter 14 when Paul wrote it.

He was discussing only one issue throughout the three chapters: the abuse of spiritual gifts by the ‘deeper’ Christians of Corinth.

May the Lord wake up everyone who comes by this site to the evil that has now fully displaced true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in Nigeria and in much of the world in our time.

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