Counterfeit Miracles In The Church

Counterfeit Miracles In The Church: Heresies Posing As The Move Of God Nathan Busenits Because of the confusion and errors in the church, particularly on the issue of tongues, it is important all believers understand the basis of the modern tongues movement. I have been privileged to hear serious theological debates on tongues.

Doctrines Of Devils in The Church

Are Pentecostals Christians? Are they? Because they have large churches, wealth and boisterous gatherings? Palatial cathedrals and well- dressed pastors in spite of the doctrines of devils they teach? When last were large followership and ample wealth used as criteria for determining Christianity? The main thrust of Pentecostalism is spiritual “experiences” without any correct reference and […]

Lying Signs And Wonders In The Church

Why We Are Not Charismatics Rev Ian Goligher I think we may freely rephrase the topic of this sermon to “Why We Should Not Be Charismatics or Pentecostals”.[sgmb id=”1″]I return to the issue of charismaticism and Pentecostalism over and over again given the tremendous negative impacts of the errors this movement are having in the […]