The Great Apostasy

The Great Deception

I recommend the attached youtube video on the great apostasy for the education of the readers of this site.

The only truth that sets people free is the one that is fully and truly connected to the historical Jesus of the historical Bible the Apostles used. The devil has always produced thousands, no, millions of other Jesuses: this video is not one anyone can lightly pass over.

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The Majority Is Deceived

Ahab And His Four Hundred-Strong Prophetic Anointing Party

Last week we discussed the encounter of Paul and Silas with a demonically possessed maid in Acts 16. Today’s passage on spiritual deception is another place in the Bible where we see the fingers of demons explicitly displayed in the affairs of men. I bring the passage for the attention of members so we may learn a little more how our affairs are not only monitored, but directed, at times, by forces beyond our ordinary comprehension.[sgmb id=”1″]

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