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If You Really Intend To Meet the True God, We Can Be Of Help

When it comes to true, biblical spirituality, everyone needs help from others. That is how the Lord Jesus Christ set up His church, Romans 12:5, 1 Cor 12:12-18. Feel free to contact us.


If your aim is meeting and being reconciled to the true God, someone  here is always eager to help.


Our hope and aim is that we will be of help to everyone that comes by this website  –  even as we also receive help from others.



Download the Skype app into your set to make audio and written calls to THE TRUE CHRISTIAN FAITH from it. You can also join live Bible studies on the platform through Skype.


We pray on all requests and issues raised by enquirers. We rely on the Lord Jesus Christ for counsel on all issues.


May the Lord Jesus Christ, Who not only made and sustains the world and everything in it, but also shed His blood for sinners and rose from the dead, and is coming back as Judge of all men,  give  you the counsel and true understanding of Himself, hope, guidance and strength for life here and in eternity.



Thousands of videos are published on the internet every week by people who work for the Devil. They spread lethal poison and deception everywhere. You can help others know the truth.

First and foremost you should pray for the truth of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to triumph everywhere in the world.


You can also send the link to to your friends on social media.


You should make the issues raised on the website, topics of discussion in your Bible studies and small groups, asking your friends to emulate the Bereans by checking their views and the teachings of their pastors with the writings in the Bible. 

Contact Us

With little amounts of your resources you can help others know that websites such as this exist. Get in touch with us if you think the Lord Jesus Christ is leading you to contribute to making the truth of the gospel known to people around the world or in your own country. 


….(We)  must work the works of Him that sent us, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. John 9:4


You can access The True Christian Faith on Twitter at




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  1. I am really happy for such a move as this, i am a preacher of the gospel in benin city, i will really love to meet you in person…. #shalom

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