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When it comes to true, biblical spirituality, everyone needs help from others. That is how the Lord Jesus Christ set up His church, Romans 12:5, 1 Cor 12:12-18.


If your aim is meeting and being reconciled to the true God, someone  here is always eager to help.


Our hope and aim is that we will be of help to everyone that comes by this website  –  even as we also receive help from others.



Feel free to chat with a counselor on any spiritual issue. Click on the Mail/Can We Help? icon at the right foot of your set. We are glad to be of help.

In case you feel you need to speak to a counselor,  you can call us on +2347058016020.

We pray on all requests and issues raised by enquirers. We rely on the Lord Jesus Christ for counsel on all issues.


May the Lord Jesus Christ, Who not only made and sustains the world and everything in it, but also shed His blood for sinners and rose from the dead, and is coming back as Judge of all men,  give  you the counsel and true understanding of Himself, hope, guidance and strength for life here and in eternity.

 Go ahead: click on the Mail/Can We Help? icon.

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