Paul Enenche And Joshua Talena: Two Of An Evil Kind

Paul Enenche And Joshua Talena: False Brethren

There is always the need to warn sheep about wolves; particularly of well-disguised wolves in a wolves’ country such as Nigeria. The sheep in Nigeria have fed so long on poisonous shoots they hardly recognize predators when they see them. In fact, everyone that comes along mentioning the name of the True Shepherd is openly received, more so if he claims he has done, or could do, some miracles.  The Nigerian sheep hardly, if ever, ask what the source, or the authenticity, of the claimed miracles are.

Paul Enenche And Joshua Talena:  False Teachers 

This is the situation with the two false teachers and false brethren I am featuring in this post. Read the attached handbills published by Paul Enenche’s Dunamis Church and Joshua Talena’s The Shepherd’s House International Assembly. These discussions are based on them. The two ‘churches’ are based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Paul Enenche

Paul Enenche Dunamis Church Handbill: Meet the saviour!
Paul Enenche Dunamis Church Handbill: Meet the saviour!

When you see a supposedly Christian handbill titled, “The Irreversible End”, you ordinarily feel elated someone is interested in preaching the gospel or talk about the Lord. That is until you really fix your gaze on it and then discover it’s all about the glory of Mr Enenche and his foul teachings.

Can you believe the dripping arrogance at the end of the third paragraph of this evil handbill: “She was at the point  of being thrown into hellfire then my prayer brought her back to life”? All hail the unsurpassable holy man with power of eternal life operating out of Dunamis ‘church’!

The reader should note that the handbill, right from the second sentence of the first paragraph, is nothing but a series of negations of clear Bible passages. “Suddenly a lady fell under the power of God”. Where do we have an example of things like this in the New Testament? Where did we read of Paul or Peter or James or John preaching somewhere and someone falling down suddenly ‘under the power of God’? It never happened: you will not find a single example of it in the New Testament or the Bible as a whole.

Oh, I dare not compare him to any of these Apostles: he is one of those Nigerian wolves affirming their superiority even to the Lord Jesus Christ! What Mr Enenche is describing is what they call being ‘slain in the spirit’ in their circle. There is no example of it in the Bible. Whether he knows it or not and whether or not he or his supporters accept this truth,  the spirit Mr Enenche deals with in his ‘church’  is not God’s Holy Spirit but demons.  Mr Enenche is hiding evil in plain sight. He is advertising his bona fide, who he really works for, by promoting series of  phenomena you cannot find in the Bible. He is answering Paul’s questions in 1 Corinthians 14:36 in the affirmative: the word of God came only from or to him!

Read also Mr Enenche flaunting his superiority over the Lord Jesus Christ by espousing doctrines that run contrary to the specific teachings of Christ. Christ had said categorically in Luke 16:29-31 that God would not send anyone from among the dead to preach the gospel to anyone alive or help convince anyone to believe Him. However, Enenche’s lady had just taken a short return trip to ‘heaven’ bearing nothing but the unassailable glory of the ‘man of God’! Because Enenche is a purveyor of errors, he did not know when he crossed the line.

Paul Enenche Heals His Thousands!
Paul Enenche Heals His Thousands!

And did you notice the advertorial pictures of flying crutches, the lame walking and the sick being healed at the foot of the second page of the bill? They are fake. No such thing, apart from make-believe and mass psycho-deception, is going on there. His main church is less than 3 kilometres from at least two of the biggest municipal hospitals in Abuja. Many die in those hospitals every week. They would be empty if Enenche’s claims were true.

Joshua Talena

Joshua Telena The Shepherd House Church Handbill: All Hail The Patriarch!
Joshua Telena The Shepherd House Church Handbill: All Hail The Patriarch!

Mr Talena, it appears, cannot have enough of self-aggrandizement and self-adulation. You get the impression one of the patriarchs, or rather the patriarch of the patriarchs, holds court in Abuja! He teaches his parishioners to pray in the name of the God of  Dr Joshua Talena! Can you see the arrogance, again? He is a spiritual colossus and his name is recognized in heaven and on the earth! What humility! Every miracle that happens on earth has the imprint of our ‘man of God’, and, going by his handbill, no miracle will occur in your life unless you find your way to his lair, sorry, ‘church’!

Joshua Telena The Shepherd House Church Handbill: All Hail The Patriarch!
Joshua Telena The Shepherd House Church Handbill: All Hail The Patriarch!

Check again his handbill. Do you think this was done by a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Have these men ever come across Mat 23:8-10 in their seminary training?

“But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.

Mat 23:9  And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

Mat 23:10  Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.”

Everyone of these preachers, not being sent by the God of the Bible, cannot affirm clear Bible teachings: they need to prop their reputations up by appealing to ‘miracles’ and ‘signs and wonders’ as a way of quieting your mind. They know the average person does not know that the Bible never said all miracles originate from God. They know most people do not know the Bible affirms that there is another spiritual power, opposed to God, that performs miracles, too. The clearest way to know which power is at work is to follow with the open Bible the teachings that precede, accompany or follow those miracles.

These people are they that make merchandise of the Name of the Lord. Read your bible. These are not workers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Do not be deceived by their bogus ‘signs and wonders’. The magicians of Pharaoh did much more.

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  1. Thanks for this piece of write-up. To be frank, there are many of them here in Nigeria. Sometimes I begin to wonder what exactly is going on or wrong with us. My conclusion on this matter is that we are at the end time. My prayer is that the sheep will not be led astray before the coming of Christ!

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