It Is From The Occult!

The False Holy Spirit In Nigeria

The other name for the phenomenon we have in Nigeria is what I term Kundalini And Nigerian ‘Christianity’.

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It is extremely important, if you think you are a Christian in Nigeria, that you please wake up, pinch yourself again, exercise all cautions and listen to God and the Lord Jesus Christ and check the Bible. The attached video is of utmost importance to you and your eternity.

What we have in Nigeria are witches and wizards passing themselves off as Bishops and church leaders. If God’s words written in the Bible are of no value to you, you may not worry about what the Lord is making available to you through this website. If God and His written words mean anything to you, you must wake yourself from your slumber and sit up and listen to this video with your Bible open.

What the pastors who preach Word-of- Faith, Prosperity doctrines, Signs and Wonders and Tongues teach is from the occult: not the Bible!

Please wake up!

It is either God’s written words are true or Bishop Oyedepo or Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo or Pastor Benny Hinn or Mike Murdoch or Sid Roth or Todd Bentley or Kenneth Copeland or Daniel Olukoya or TB Joshua or Joseph Prince or Joel Osteen or Kenneth Hagins or Chris Oyakhilome or Enock Adeboye or the thousands of the other Bishops, Senior Evangelists, Apostles are true: the two (the Bible and they) can not both be true at the same time. Word-of-Faith and Prosperity teachers are not servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ did not die so as to increase your power and influence on earth. Their so-called anointings and tongues are not from God’s Holy Spirit.

Inverted Christianity: Flase holy Spirit
Inverted Christianity By A false Holy Spirit

A false holy spirit is working furiously in Nigeria veiling peoples’ eyes with half-truths and errors and deceiving them into substituting demon-inspired human experiences for direct teachings of the Bible.

It is a religion of emotion and personal experiences totally devoid of any reliance on the written Word. They speak of ‘impartation’ as if we are in the Old Testament period or as if God were a substance under their control. These people show who really they work for by violating almost every law in the Bible with cavalier impunity. Covetousness on material and financial wealth and pride on worldly achievements are their main objects and pursuits. Their gold bangles and necklaces, flashy cars and big titles and houses are the most important things in their lives. Their teachings are all about money and wealth and worldly achievements.

Stop taking chances with your soul: you cannot follow a formulation made by the devil to God. It is not enough to say all these prominent pastors follow it so it must be right. You have the Bible. Read it or call for help: what these people preach is NOT from the Bible.

I cannot say it loud enough. The people of Nigeria are being processed to hell in their millions on the ruse they are Christian when in fact almost all their pastors, bishops, apostles and evangelists are high-level wizards and magic-men.

Who told you you have not been deceived? The Lord Jesus Christ said the false teachers at the end of the age would perform so many mighty miracles in so many ways that even the elect will nearly almost be deceived.

The False Holy Spirit And Its Fruits

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Matthew 24:24.”

Is it possible you are smarter than the devil? You really think you are too smart for him to deceive you? In that case you believe Jesus was wrong.

True Christianity is about sin, God’s provision for forgiveness of the sinner, sobriety, holiness, hell, heaven, righteousness and judgment to come. You must know your pastor is a servant to another god for so much of these issues as are absent from his sermons. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks: the Prosperity preachers would not speak on these issues, except in glib, perfunctory manners, because they have never experienced them.

Save yourself from the deceit in Christianity in Nigeria. The devil is very much at work here!

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  1. Please, who are you? Your teachings and warning are exactly like that of my woman coordinator and her pastors.

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