Pastor Enoch Adeboye Miracle Wooden Stick

Enoch Adeboye Shows His Hand “I’m not going to lift it up for more than two minutes. Focus on it; and ehn, ehn, ehn, pray your prayer aloud. You’re going to say, ‘Papa, Let your wind blow on me tonight; where there was darkness in my life, let there be light; and reverse the irreversible!’”  […]

Prophecy Or History?

Jonathan Edwards On Revival And Counterfeit Christianity When you observe, as did this writer, the great evil caused by the admixture of  Word of Faith and Prosperity teachings  – some say,  supplanting –  with true Christianity in Nigeria between 1983 and now, you would wonder if the writings of Jonathan Edwards on the impacts of […]

Unless you check the Bible, you will  never suspect what Word of Faith preachers teach is witchcraft, not Christianity.

Your duty is understanding What is going on.

Sad, but true, what Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, David Oyedepo, Chris Oyakhilome, Enoch Adeboye, T. D. Jakes, William Kumuyi, and every Word of Faith preacher teaches is SORCERY, not the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.

True, biblical, Christianity has never been more distorted. 2 Cor 11:13-15