You Can’t Have It Both Ways: There Are No Lukewarm Christians

Christian Fornicators, Christian Liars, Christian Thieves Do you believe in Jesus Christ but you never repented of your sins? Most people who go to church are into this self-delusion. They call themselves Christian but Jesus Christ does not know them and their names are not written in God’s Book in heaven. They commit fornication, they […]

Real Truth Is Scarce

Meditations Arthur Pink These short but highly inspired meditations of the late Arthur W Pink are made available to members today. Real truth is scarce. Pay attention.[sgmb id=”1″] Open: So many millions of nominal Christians! But he was a leper! Giddily gliding along the broad road that leads to destruction Sin’s enormity […]

Pentecostalism and Charismaticism were started - and are being run - by occultists, hypnotists and necromancers.

Even as they falsely profess fidelity to the Bible, you hear them giving "messages from heaven", from the dead and from people who 'just returned' from among the dead! God in Deuteronomy 18:10-12 says those who do such are abominable to Him.

These are occult priests and shamans masquerading as 'men of God'.

Christ in Matthew 24:24 foretold of them.